What Game Do You Most Want Remastered?

Image: Square Enix

E3 is almost here and if there's one thing we can count on, it's that a number of the games announced this year will be remakes, remasters and reboots of old games. So what game do you really want to be next up on the remake block?

For me, there's only one real answer: Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, AKA Podracer.

Revisiting The Best Thing That Came Out Of The Phantom Menace

Yes, I'm talking about Star Wars Episode I. Racer, the game that took one of the most pointless scenes in any Star Wars film and turned it into an incredibly successful racing game on PC and the Nintendo 64. With all the Star Wars excitement I recently decided to go back and watch the prequels again. They were just as bad as I remembered, though it did inspire me to dig out my dusty N64 and rediscover what made this game great.

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Just imagine this incredible high-speed racing game in HD! Imagine what could be done with all the alien planets and gorgeous environments. You could even get rid of whiny baby Anakin and call it an improvement!


    Final Fantasy VII/VIII
    Might and Magic: World of Been

    Don't screw with the gameplay just update the graphics and make the UI modern and we're set.

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