Witcher 3 X Minecraft Build Recreates Novigrad (And Then Some)

This sweeping timelapse video shows the construction — out of thin air — of Novigrad, the great city of The Witcher 3 (and Witcher lore in general, I guess).

Built by Elysium Fire, this video not only looks amazing as the city emerges out of the countryside, but also gives you a very good look at just how many bricks (and how much planning) went into it.

Note that it's not a recreation of the city as it appears in the game; it's a "tribute" that hits the main landmarks, like the city's walls, Great Temple and elevated walkways, while going into greater detail than the game could afford to in areas like housing and the surrounding countryside.

If you play Minecraft and want to take a look yourself, you can download the map here.


    Do people still do this by hand or is it done by a 3d modelling program?

      3d modeling programs can't do the animation of the buildings being constructed like int he youtube video right?

      By hand but sone people use modelling software to break an image/model down in to the grid format that they can work off.

      It's all preplanned, my guess is generated off-server first using WorldEdit and other mass manipulation tools, saved as schematics and then brought across. The timelapse shows basically no corrections and no builders, so either builders are hidden or it's made from a changelog mod.

      These types of builds tend to look pretty bad up close too, they're entirely about what looks good from a distance.

        Sorry, to clarify, the schematics just show a silhouette of where the blocks are supposed to go, they still had a build team to actually place the blocks to produce the timelapse.

        Thanks i was just curious.

        I would have thought someone would have invented a mod/ Program that would convert video 3d video game models into minecraft worlds by now.

          There are a bunch of them, some even work through the browser to convert a 3D model to voxels. I don't think this is a conversion of the city from Witcher 3 though, a lot of the comments seem to suggest it's quite different and only 'inspired by' the Witcher version.

            Hey ! I'm Akobab, EF's administrator. Let me clarify some things.
            Terrain is generated using a program. But all the build is done by hand, using WorldEdit only for some repetitive tasks. There are around 700 houses on this project, and every house is different from the others (no schematics !). And timelapse is also done by hand, block per block !
            Some information about the map : 8 builders, about 1k hours worked all in all, 6 months
            And about the timelapse : 3 building teams mobilized, 15 timelapse sessions (about 15 hours)

    Just when you think it's finished, it keeps going... and going... and going...

    If the cities are this grand, I really should play The Witcher at some point.

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