Wolfenstein: Youngblood Is A Co-Op Game Coming Next Year

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Is A Co-Op Game Coming Next Year

Today during Bethesda’s E3 press conference, Machine Games announced a new Wolfenstein game.

The next Wolfenstein is called Youngblood. It’s set in the 1980s in Paris and stars series hero BJ Blazkowicz and love interest Anya’s twin daughters (!!!). It’s “a co-op experience” that you can also play solo.

In the trailer, BJ monologues about the hardships his daughters will encounter as Nazi troops march through Paris. “They’re gonna send everything they have at you,” he says. “To survive, you’re gonna have to embrace the suffering.”

The trailer ends with one of the Blazkowicz kids saying, “It’s do or die, sis. Just like pop taught us.” Both are wearing super suits ala the one from Wolf 2.

Shit is gonna get wacky. Wackier. Somehow. It will be out next year.


  • Old Colossus got a bit old hat going through it, coop and potential 80s hijinx might be the twists on the formula I’m after.

      • What? No way. Wolfenstein was set in the past of WW2, Commander Keen was effectively set in the “present” of the 90s, Doom is set in the future of the 2100s (or is it 2200s).

        Now, Commander Keen does go to space, but that’s because he’s a super genius who built his spaceship out of household parts.

    • The dark haired one looks more like Keen’s mum, to the extent that her hair was EGA brown, not yellow.

    • Commander Keen is the grandson of Wolfenstein’s Blazkowicz. Doomguy is the son of Commander Keen.

      The patriarch of the the Blaze family is Arthur Kenneth Blaze né Blazkowicz, a television talk show personality in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who, for the purposes of show business, has changed his last name from Blazkowicz to Blaze. He is married to Susan Elizabeth Blaze née McMichaels, and is the son of William Joseph “B.J.” Blazkowicz—a top spy for the Allied Forces in World War II—and Julia Marie Blazkowcz née Peterson.[1]

      Arthur and Susan have three children: two boys and one girl. However the name and age of only one of their children has ever been revealed.

      So those daughters of Blazkowicz are his aunts.

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