X-Men Gold's Big Wedding Surprise Is Going To Be Appropriately Messy And Dramatic

Whenever the X-Men get together for a celebration, it's only a matter of time before things start exploding and emotions begin to run high. Unsurprisingly, that's exactly what's about to happen in this week's X-Men: Gold - and a big Marvel reveal for tomorrow's issue was just spoiled in The New York Times.

The cover of X-Men: Gold #30. Image: Phil Noto (Marvel)

In an interview with The New York Times, X-Men: Gold writer Mark Guggenheim and Mr and Mrs X writer Kelly Thompson revealed that while a certain couple of iconic X-Men are definitely getting married this week, it isn't the pair that Gold's led readers to believe.

Considering how often Xavier's band of mutants make and break up, it isn't the most shocking surprise in the world, but it does suggest that there's something more in the cards for a certain X-Team leader.

The cover of X-Men: Gold #30. Image: Phil Noto (Marvel)

Over the past few months' worth of X-Men comics, Colossus and Kitty Pryde have been gradually rekindling their relationship, finding support in one another, and ultimately deciding that it's high time to tie the knot.

In this week's X-Men Gold #30 illustrated by David Marquez, however (which isn't out until tomorrow), Kitty realises that, as much as she loves Piotr, she isn't actually ready to take his hand in marriage, and promptly peaces out just as he takes his place on the altar.

Considering how much time Kitty's spent lately stressing the importance of the X-Men being there for one another in times of emotional crisis and need, it's a rather surprising twist that she's the one who ends up leaving. In his interview with the times, Guggenheim explained that while her decision may not be the one fans wanted, it's part of the vision that Marvel has for the character:

Comics, like TV and film, is a very collaborative medium. These are not my characters, they are Marvel's. Part of writing other people's characters in a shared universe are other ideas are going to end up supplanting yours. My job as a writer is to take those marching orders and write the best issue I can.

Even though the Pryde-Rasputin union is on hold for the time being, X-Men: Gold #30 does feature a wedding - Gambit and Rogue's - which serves as the jumping-off point for Thompson's upcoming Mr and Mrs X series illustrated by Oscar Bazaldua that's due out in July.

Parts of Rogue and Gambit's wedding will be seen in X-Men: Gold, but Thompson was also specific to point out that many more details about the ceremony won't be revealed until Mr and Mrs X is out:

You get some stuff with Rogue behind the scenes with some of the X-ladies, putting together something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. I felt the fans deserved to see this because we did not get a big build up.

Because they are the X-Men, the sexy, fun times only last for two seconds before they have to save the world.

X-Men: Gold #30 hits stores this Wednesday and Mr and Mrs X drops on July 25.


    Still time to drop those preorders and pick up the match better Batman/Catwoman wedding issue in a week

      I've been waiting years for Marvel to finally see Kitty and Colossus as well as Rogue and Gambit get hitched, so I'm both completely disappointed and thoroughly delighted by X-Men: Gold #30!

      Never been a big Batman fan so not interested at all in that particular wedding.

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