You Sing Into Your Mic To Solve Puzzles In This Indie Game

One Hand Clapping is a experimental project from the University of Southern California’s games program. It mixes music and puzzles—the player needs to hum or sing to create walkways and raise platforms to proceed through a colourful world. It’s short but memorable.

I scroll through every week to see what games are there. When I saw One Hand Clapping’s description of its gameplay as having the player “sing into a microphone to solve musical puzzles,” I knew I had to play it. Apparently, so did the rest of the internet.

Personalities like Markiplier and PewDie “I Said The N-Word While Playing PUBG” Pie have posted playthroughs full of singing. The player needs to hit the right notes to sing with other characters or to lift sand dunes to create a path over gaps. Some puzzles blend your voice together, creating beautiful harmonies once you hit a few notes.

It’s really worth playing One Hand Clapping for yourself. Shifting your pitch and striking the right sound is just as exciting as nailing any headshot or besting a JPG boss. Although I’m pretty self conscious about my singing voice, you can watch me play the game in the video above. It’s a great concept that’s fun to watch if you’re nervous about singing yourself.

Grab a mic, warn your roommates, and sing your heart out.

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