A New Firefly Prequel Comic Will Reveal The 'Full Story' Of How Captain Mal And Zoe First Met

How did the 'Verse in Firefly get the way it was? Fans will find out this November when Boom Studios launches a new comic book series set before the events of the show, during the Unification War.

A crop of the cover of Boom Studios' Firefly #1 by Lee Garbett. Photo: Boom Studios via EW

"It's high time we got to see the full story of Mal and Zoe's meeting and mission in the War of Unification - the good and bad that the pressure of war brings out in them, and the unforeseeable consequences," series creator Joss Whedon said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly, which broke the news of the comic.

The series will mark a new era in Firefly comics as the licence was previously held by Dark Horse.

Whedon serves as a story consultant on the new series, which is written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Dan McDaid.

The Unification War is the event that set the universe on the path fans saw on the show and in the movie Serenity. It was an ongoing conflict between the have and have-not worlds when the series characters really became who they are.

On the show, it was only briefly touched upon, but this series will dig deep.

"It's a huge tribute to the creators of the original show that their rich, intriguing world and hilarious, compelling characters could inspire so many additional stories," Pak told EW.

"We're getting the chance to reveal essential truths about our heroes' pasts and put them through experiences in the here and now that they have never fully dealt with before. As a fan of the show who adores these characters, I can't wait."

Here's the cover to #1 courtesy of EW.

Firefly #1 by Lee Garbett. Photo: Boom Studios via EW

In addition to the new series, Boom is releasing Firefly: Legacy Edition, Book One, which collects several of the previous Firefly comics released by Dark Horse. For more information on all of this, as well as a variant cover by Jock, visit the below link.

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    Why there hasn't been a spin off series of firefly is beyond me.

      Because they would fuck it up

        Yeah probably, I just couldn't see them getting all the (surviving) original cast back, Nathan Fillion would be way too expensive. So a spin of would be the only hope to see that universe again.

          No, do it animated. Animated WELL. Then you can work around the various actors schedules and get them to do the voice overs when they can.

    Eh. I don't know if I need to hear this story. They were Browncoats together. They fought together. I don't really want to see Mal and Zoe as strangers who have yet to form a bond.

      Same, I though there friendship was already established enough, through the flashbacks.

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