A Team Of Role-Players Is Transforming Destiny Into A D&D Game

A Team Of Role-Players Is Transforming Destiny Into A D&D Game
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A group of intrepid Dungeon Masters are building a Dungeons & Dragons campaign based on the world of Destiny, a sci-fi franchise about shooting aliens in space and hoping that they drop things that will let you shoot aliens in space even more efficiently.

The project, D&Destiny, aims to be a totally free guide to a Destiny tabletop role-playing game. It’s based on Dungeons & Dragons 5E, the most recent iteration of the iconic RPG, and it’s designed to give you a rule-set for running your very own Destiny-themed version of Dungeons & Dragons. Given my longtime obsession with Destiny and my more recent obsession with D&D, this was basically designed for me.

You can’t download the whole thing just yet, although you can get early access (and beta-test) by supporting the project on Patreon.

The team has already made a great deal of progress, designing a combat system, races, classes, monsters, and even unique mechanics surrounding Light and Darkness zones. (The latter make it tougher to resurrect.)

“The game is functional, and, according to my 100-ish playtesters, loads of fun,” said the project’s director, who goes by Kitty, in an email. “It works, even if you have to decipher some stuff that was written at 3am while on my sixth cup of coffee to get it to work.”

Kitty sent me an early version of the D&Destiny Player’s Guide. Although she asked me not to share the whole thing, she was fine with a few excerpts. Here, for example, is the basic class table:

The guide gets incredibly elaborate, going in-depth on the mechanics of each class not unlike D&D’s own Player’s Handbook. Every class gets its own abilities, proficiencies, and even a super ability. Here’s the Striker’s:

The D&Destiny book is full of crunchy guidelines like this. Even the monster stats get way in-depth:

“My goal is to have the first edition of the game in the hands of players by October,” Kitty said. “Assuming that further testing doesn’t demand a rewrite of whole rule systems or sections, of course … I’m not advertising a date beyond ‘Autumn’ because there is still a slim chance of a setback depending on how mechanical balances go, and timing is important.”

You can see more (and follow all of their progress) on the project’s Patreon.


  • I would play the hell out of a Destiny pen & paper. I love everything outside of the gameplay loop, so anything that allows me to explore the universe would be sick.

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