All The Best Games And Tech Deals From Amazon Prime Day [Updated]

Amazon Prime Day is here! What is Amazon Prime Day, you ask? It's a day full of deals from our favourite online mega-retail, rewarding their loyal subscribers with a day and a half of deals: and now Australians can get in on the action. And don't worry: even if you aren't subscribed to Amazon Prime you can still pick up these deals.

The first step for anyone wanting to check out these Amazon Prime Day deals is to get on Amazon Prime - but if you're not willing to put down 12 of your precious dollars straight away, don't worry, you can get a 30 day free trial and jump on the deals right now.

Your Prime membership, even in trial version, will also come with a bunch of perks like $10 Amazon credit when you stream something on Amazon Prime Video, 2 months free on Kindle Unlimited, 3 months of free Audible and 4 months of Amazon Music for 99 cents.

You can also access a whole lot of cool gaming content with Twitch Prime, including free games and a free subscription for the streamer of your choice every month.

Amazon Prime Day deals are limited deals, meaning they're only available for a certain number of people and a certain time. We'll also be updating throughout the day as more deals become available, so keep an eye out!

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    The controllers are already sold out, but they should have lightning deals on the other colours too. Just have to keep your eye out for when the deal drops

    With such amazing deals, you'd think the company would be able to provide humane working conditions for all of its employees.

    Managed to snag Nintendo Switch (Neon/Blue/Red) $315-

      Damn, I was about to say most of these deals seem ok, but that's an amazing deal on a great console. Good score!

      Nice work! Wish I had have known they were letting them go that cheap.

    The best deal by far was the $379 1TB PS4 Pro, which came down to ~$350 after cashback. Unfortunately these started appearing on Ebay shortly after going on sale on Amazon. Scalpers ruining it for everyone!

    Ooh, I’ll have ,me a kindle paper white.

    Super average deals.
    The Bose QC35 it's are a little tempting I suppose, if only because of Amazon's excellent return policy.

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