And Here's Dark Souls 3 For $17.49

Image: Dark Souls 3

We've spoken a lot about the secrets hidden in the Souls universe lately. But what if you've never explored a Dark Souls game before? Well, here's a chance to do so cheaply.

Fanatical have been selling games in Australian dollars over the past couple of weeks, which has resulted in some solid regional pricing. Case in point: Dark Souls 3 is going for $17.49 — Australian, not US.

Dark Souls 3 Cut A Multiplayer Mode That Plunged The World Into Darkness

Aussie developer and YouTuber Lance McDonald has found tons of cut enemies and content in the Bloodborne alpha over the last year. As it turns out, Dark Souls 3 has plenty of secrets too, with the Victorian discovering a cut multiplayer mode in an alpha build of DS3.

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Chasing The Dragon With Dark Souls 3

Inhaling the intoxicating vapour that is Dark Souls is a dangerous life choice. You’re going to find yourself caught up in something largely outside your control. An endless loop with no real escape or respite. There’s a term for that: ‘chasing the dragon’.

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If you need some help jumping into Dark Souls 3, we've got a handy guide below:

Tips For Playing Dark Souls 3

The land of Lothric is a deadly place, and Dark Souls 3 doesn't go out of its way to lend a hand. I'm here to help.

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To pick up DS3 on the cheap, head here.


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