Aquaman Trailer Is As Epic As It Is Moist


And it’s very moist.

If there was any question that longtime Fast & Furious director James Wan was going to make something truly massive and epic with Aquaman, those doubts can be put to bed… the seabed.

Inside Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday, Wan presented the first trailer from the highly anticipated DC movie and brought the house down.

Jason Momoa stars as the titular hero in the film, alongside Amber Heard as the hero Mera, Patrick Wilson as Ocean Master, along with Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, Yahya Abdul-Mateen and others. It opens December.


  • Words I never thought I’d say: DC owned Comicon with the comicbook trailers. Seriously. I know Avengers 4, if shown, will be great, but we’re all expecting that, these however are true delights.

    They dropped the Grimdark aspect, embraced fun and really stole the show with Shazam and Aquaman.

    But what’s the *best*

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

    That just nuclear breath’d me away!

    • I don’t mind the grimdark tone that DC tends to go for, but I like that it doesn’t hurt to also have a little fun. Both Shazam and Aquaman look exactly that. Fun.

    • Ironically modern Aquaman in the comics is one of the more grim characters.

      That said this trailer does look great. I’m seriously looking forward to this one.

      • Yeah he is, their answer to ‘lets make him more goofy’… which… is one hell of an ironic circumstance like you said lol.

        But the world looks brilliant, Momoa is clearly loving the role, Temuera Morrison looks great and I love they’ve done away with those speech bubble things and just gone with ‘hey ya’ll can speak underwater like you can on land!’ instead 🙂

    • He helped write, which I’m fine with (he was only one of a few). But the true person here with power is James Wan. When you have a 1.5 billion dollar movie (Fast 7), have your pick of what to do and choose to (let’s be honest for the time that he said yes, in amidst BVS and SS bombing…) slum it with DC, he clearly had the power to say ‘Don’t fuck with me, let me do what I want.’

      I really do think what we’ll see now, is Wonder Woman, Shazam and Aquaman (and likely the Flash), be pushed up front to become the face of DC, with Batman and Superman pushed to the rear (maybe Superman brought to the front again at some point with a revitalised MOS2?) like Marvel did with their B list superheroes, Thor, Ironman and Cap, when the huge ones they had were Spiderman and the Xmen…

      • I think they really need to find the right director and story for Superman. I’d actually like to see Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman) given a shot at directing it. I think she’d nail the emotional tone of the movie. While Snyder is visually stylish (300 was amazing) I don’t think he nails the story and it’s emotional core.

        What I’m really interested in is seeing what happens with Green Lantern or GL Corps.

        • Jenkins is definitely suited to Wonder Woman, but I truly think Matthew Vaughn has what it takes to make an amazing Superman movie. The guy knows comicbooks, he understands characters, he understands pathos, ethos and logos and he doesn’t half ass his work (well, ok Kingsmen 2… but that was moreso studio interference lol). As far as GL Corps goes? I mean… personally, personally I wouldn’t have made the first one Corps, I would’ve done that as the sequel, but that’s just me. “The Green Lantern” “The Green Lantern Corpse” then “Blackest Day, Darkest Night” with the Black Lantern corps storyline. But that’s just my twisted mind 🙂

          • I like Kickass and Kingsman, but I’m not sure Vaughn is right for superman. I’d want a director who can do epic and emotional at the same time. Vaughn to me is more fun, adult, action comedy. I think he’d make a good Deadpool director.

            As for GL, I’d much rather see a decent origin movie for GL. I think they got close with the first one, and I’ve even keep Ryan Reynolds and Mark Strong as Sinestro if they were willing. Just leave Parallax, Blackest Night, and the truly epic stuff until later – like you say. I really want to see GL -v- Sinestro and GL -v- Star Sapphire at some point.

            My ideal first movie would be GL getting the ring, getting trained by Sinestro and during his training realizing Sinestro is evil and fighting it out.

          • I’d like to see that too. If they HAVE to skip Hal Jordan, I wouldn’t mind taking a different route then and slightly rerouting a certain character for the audience… do a teamup of Guy Gardner and John Stewart. Have them reference Hal in the past, mention he was the original Lantern, he disappeared etc, Stewart took over maybe. Gardner I feel might be a good entry point for a fun GL movie. You can then show him screwing up and being constantly redirected by Stewart. Think basically Rush Hour in space.

          • I’m not really sure how they should approach the “which lantern” problem. Personally I’d like to see Hal done right since he’s the one I grew up reading But John, Guy and Kyle all have their merits, as do the current pair Simon and Jessica. I’d definitely pay to see a JL movie where Batman punches out Guy Gardner…

            It’d feel kinda weird though if they made a GL movie that’s part of the DCEU continuity with newer lanterns though. Especially if they allude to Hal as the first lantern (and what about Alan Scott). Primarily because of the “where the hell were they in the previous movies” problem. I don’t count the flashback in Justice League since it’s some crazy distant time in the past.

            The rest of the Justice League being AWOL during the events of MoS and B-v-S makes sense. A couple of them were new and getting used to their powers, and both Aquaman and Wonder Woman have been somewhat isolationist. But if GL (any of them) existed at the time where were they?

            I know you could argue that GL (or multiple GLs) were out in space doing stuff but there are no hints that Lanterns currently exist on Earth in the other five movies. You’d think Wonder Woman or Batman would have at least mentioned them when they were forming the JL.

      • It’d be great if this sets precedent for more freedom within these large franchises, it’d make a welcome change of pace from producers and creative overseers making sure every little aspect is kept in line with the rest of the library.

        Unfortunately I think DC is just going to go down the route of everything being more Marvel more Marvel, especially when all reports going forward are “DC’s now doing less dark”, as if that was the problem.

        • I get what you’re saying. I actually would’ve loved to have seen INJUSTICE come to the screen, and that’s according to Snyder, EXACTLY where he was going in the long run. Pity.

          I liked what Grace Randolph said earlier today, it’s ironic that we’re seeing DC now doing more comic accurate movies, at least visually, than Marvel (granted only 3 of them so far). But hey, I doubt we’re gonna get another Whedonesque travesty at least.

  • This looks awesome, just a shame that no one in DC’s movie department can take control and just make an overall plan for the movies. I watched this trailer and all I could think was “I wish we had this BEFORE Justice League so we were more invested in Aquaman in that film”. Origin movies first, then go for the team up. Make us invest in the characters before blowing your wad on the big team up movie.

    • They literally just did what you said. Geoff Johns stepped back and took over Green Lantern, Hamada has stepped up to give the whole thing some direction. They admitted that they went the wrong way with it and needed to stop trying to tie everything in so much and actually let each property ‘be its own thing’ (the same thing Marvel has done, let it be its own thing with some ties, then let those ties grow over time). It was a clusterfuck to begin with, noone disagrees, but now, we might just be seeing some actual direction. We saw promise with Wonder Woman, now we’re actually seeing what happens when WB doesn’t interfere with artists like James Wan.

  • this is the first time ive seen an aquaman that actually look like a main character and not the guy who just tags along because he got nothing better to do

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