Bogus Production Problems Might Stop Bill & Ted 3 From Happening

Bogus Production Problems Might Stop Bill & Ted 3 From Happening

Bill & Ted, as shocked as we are. Image: Orion Pictures

The adventures of Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan might not be continuing after all, in some of the least radical news we’ve gotten in a while.

Just a couple months ago, word was that a third Bill & Ted movie, Bill & Ted Face the Music, was a sure thing, with the main cast ready to reprise their roles as older-but-not-wiser heroes. Now, star Keanu Reeves isn’t so sure.

Talking to Yahoo! Entertainment, he said that, “I don’t know if [Bill & Ted 3] is a reality,” adding, “We’ve been trying for a long time to get that film made, and it still has its challenges.”

Those challenges, apparently, are the normal logistical concerns that can torpedo so many movies. “I really love the characters, and I think we have a good story to tell,” said Keanu. “Part of it is business stuff — financing, rights, deals. Nothing creatively.”

Friends, this is not triumphant news. I am officially bummed. Please, someone, let Keanu make his movie. He deserves it. And if we’re going to ask him to make a million more John Wick movies, we should at least let him have this.

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  • Didn’t even know they were trying to make a third, and to be honest should they, I mean it will never meet the expectations of the nostalgia.

  • I’m a little confused, last I checked they had film rights and distribution covered.
    (Gonna assume he’s talking about additional rights, music etc)

  • Considering the rumored script features the boys from the second film are now girls and it’s basically the Bill & Ted version of the Disney New Star Wars Trilogy (Moving out old characters to focus on new characters no one knows), I’m happy to see this stuck in production hell.

  • God gave rock and roll to you. Put it in the soul of everyone.


  • The Fury Road sequel might not happen due to legal action between Miller and the studio over unpaid bonuses.

  • I didn’t like the second movie much but the first was excellent! fun so maybe it’s a good thing this film doesn’t get made

    • How can you not like Death? and Station? Robot us’s?
      That is most non non non heinous

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