Broly's New Character Design Causes Dragon Ball Fan Speculation 

Image: (C)バードスタジオ/集英社 (C)「2018ドラゴンボール超」製作委員会

Now that we’re getting better looks at Broly in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly, fans have been commenting on the character’s new look and attempting to deduce what it all means.

Here are Broly’s character designs for Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

A couple things to note. It looks like Broly is wearing Frieza Force armour.

The fur around his waist is an intriguing touch as is the scar on Broly’s chest, a prominent part of the character’s design.

Interesting theory, but that seems less likely due to its placement.

Another interesting theory, but I’m not so sure.

A reference to Broly’s heart explosion? Hrm...

Dragon Ball: Broly will be released in Japan this December and in North America next January.


    Ah yes, love all those images I can totally see in the embedded tweets which are totally not broken and most definitely display correctly.

      What if they just posted a screenshot of all the embedded tweets that they see beneath the wall of broken tweets that we see? Surely that's a better solution than leaving the tweets broken (and hopefully working towards fixing the integration...after several months now).

      That's your adblocker doing that dude.

        I've tried disabling that though and they still appear the same way. They just show up as block quotes with links in them and the tweet's text.

          And as I say that the page reloads properly and there they are. God damn it...

          Apparently simply refreshing after disabling it wasn't enough.

    I kind of miss the way he was so meek as a regular saiyan then buffs up when transformed.

      We now got Kale for that kind of contrast!

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