Bumbling Canadian Robbery Video Improved Further By Metal Gear Solid


    I saw the footage on the weekend and lost my shit after she came through the ceiling, nearly woke the baby.

    This just makes it even better!!

      Same here, seeing her crash down like that was bloody hilarious. We need more feel-good news stories like this.

      Yep, thanks a lot ceiling for making me snort coffee out of my nose at work.

    Saw the original footage on reddit, but man this is a takes it to a new level.

    that woman has to be one of the stupidest people ive had the pleasure of watching! i lost my shit when she fell through the roof.

    Now let's watch the US version... guy gets shot 17 times in the chest.

    Oh holy geez, whoever put the audio and visuals to this... I wanna buy you a coke! lol

    Now these are the types of stories I want to see more of on Kotaku

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