This 38cm-Tall, $1750 Robot Packs A 45kg Punch, Works With A PS4 Controller

Watching robots beat each other up is all fun and games, until said robots go bad and start harvesting our organs for hats. Until that happens, we can all enjoy the likes of "Super Anthony", a 38cm-tall, fully controllable and programmable robot that can smash stuff with 45kg of force. Best of all, you can own one.

Super Anthony made its debut at Japan's ROBO-ONE competition, taking out 1st and 2nd place in 2014 and 2015. Since then, Anthony's continued to win ROBO-ONE accolades, culminating in 2018 with silver and bronze medals in the categories of "Robot Demonstration" and "KungFu" respectively.

Right now, Super Anthony bots are being offered via Kickstarter, with the initial funding target of $80,900 smashed by over $20,000.

While you can control the robot using a wireless controller (such as you'd find with a console), it can also be programmed via Windows (with iOS coming soon).

It shouldn't come as a shock that the little guy (seriously, it only weighs 2.1kg) is going to set you back a fair sum. $US1299 ($1752), to be specific, for the lowest funding tier.

There's no mention of what shipping costs on the project page, so hopefully it's included in the price. Delivery is planned for November this year, at the earliest, with later batches scheduled for January 2019.

[Kickstarter, via Yanko Design]


    errr, I hate to be that guy. But how can it apply 45 kg of impact force with a total unit weight of 2.0kg?

      Because you can apply more force than just gravity. Force is equal to Mass times Acceleration. So you either have force or speed.

        I agree F=ma, but in order for that force to be applied to another object the applying object needs to be able to resist that impulse pushing back on itself or the force moves back into the applying object and pushes it away. My only real frame of reference for this is watching people crash into each other with exercise balls on youtube. One of two things happens, the person with more mass doesn't move and the little person flies away or the person who is better braced to resist the impulse doesn't move. That and an engineering degree, but I was drunk for most of that so don't trust it.

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