Check Out This Monster Hunter Cosplay

Kamui ain't done with the show-stopping Monster Honter cosplay.

Look At This Damn Monster Hunter Cosplay

German cosplay superstar Kamui, who we last saw with some of the best StarCraft work we'd ever seen, returns with some of the best Monster Hunter work we've ever seen.

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Her Zinogre armour from March was incredible, especially the way it lit up, but she's already back with an equally-impressive take on a Nergigante set.

Here are some shots to give you an idea of the detail:

You can see more of Kamui's cosplay work (and buy books and guides) at her website.


    I'm trying to pin point the moment cos play went from "Hey, that's a pretty novel use for a mop head and duck tape" to "holly shit, do you guys work for the props department of Warner Brothers?". The quality is just nutso these days :-D

    Forget the cosplayer and the level of detail in the costume!

    How cute is the doggie in the pictures?!


      She has an Instagram dedicated to them, @kamuiscorgis

    Kamui Cosplay's skill, dedication and overall talent is absolutely insane.

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