Community Review: Hand Of Fate 2

With Hand of Fate 2 getting a Switch port last week, it was a fresh chance for people to experience the weird action-RPG / roguelike / deckbuilding / dice rolling mix from Defiant Development. And as a result, it's a good time for a Community Review.

I've put about 50 hours into the original Hand of Fate and its sequel combined, and on the whole I'm a bigger fan of the sequel. And if I had to recommend one, it'd be the sequel hands down. The combat's a little more interesting - although still the weakest part of the game - and the scenarios are more varied.

Hand Of Fate 2 Does Almost Everything Right

Hand of Fate was a bit of a watershed Aussie game. Apart from the fact that it was uniquely difficult to describe - a deckbuilding roguelike with Batman Arkham Asylum combat and tons of RNG - it was also one of the few Australian games to be included in a publisher-approved console bundle. That's rare. Aussie games don't get that kind of headline treatment. But Hand of Fate was always a little special, a little different. And the good news? Hand of Fate 2 has that exact same quality, nailing almost everything it does except for one crucial piece of its unusual puzzle.

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It's the kind of game that's well suited to the Switch as well. The frame rate is pretty smooth on the console - important for the combat, and those annoying dungeons full of traps. Beyond that, the Switch release is just HOF2 with the Goblins update, which adds extra threats, goblin-specific quests and challenges, and more.

If you want to see some live gameplay, here's 30 minutes of uncommentated Switch gameplay to give you an idea:

For those who have been playing Hand of Fate 2 on Switch, how's it been?


    Can you buy a physical copy for this or is it eShop only?

    I really appreciate that they made the sequel bigger and better, but at the same time I liked the size of #1. This one was too big for me to get far into. Weird complaint, but sometimes I like smaller ~12 hour games, and this felt like it would be a 30+ hour title.

    Its a pretty fun game for switch. Kraft started playing it today whilethe baby was napping. Probably need more time for it to really click but overall at least it's unique and keeping me wanting to delve deeper.

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