Community Review: Jurassic World Evolution

Community Review: Jurassic World Evolution

While console fans will only get a chance to build their dino park this week, those on PC have been corralling T-Rexes since the middle of E3. So for those who jumped on the Planet Coaster makers’ take on a Jurassic World theme park, how have you found it?

Most of the conversation I’ve seen around Jurassic World: Evolution has been the smattering of compliments, followed with a but. There’s always a but, and in this case it’s the lack of a pause button and the ability to slow down/rewind time.

That’s a bit odd for a park builder, but there’s also missing bits and pieces the more you look. Not being able to post guards outside of gates, for instance, seems like a bizarre oversight. You’d expect dinosaurs to try and break out of their pens. Surely someone can stand nearby with a tranquilliser gun to stop a raptor from going on a mini-rampage.

I’ve also seen some people describe the game as more about building a research centre than a theme park, given the available decorations and customisations. And not having mods is a huge annoyance, especially to the Planet Coaster crowd which has been doing remarkable things post-launch. I can’t help but wonder what the impact of licensing has had there. It’s hard to let people create whatever they want when you’re dealing with major blockbuster studios.

But Heather had a lot of fun with the game, and like Planet Coaster I’d expect Frontier to add a ton of content and updates post-launch, particularly little QoL tweaks.

How have you found Jurassic World: Evolution, though?


  • Having grown up with Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, I was WAY too excited when I saw this. The prospect of a new dinosaur park builder with modern graphics and new dinosaurs was a man’s dream come true.
    Now having played it for most of this weekend, I can safely say I won’t be playing it again. It is tedious, repetitive and with no sandbox mode to let the dinosaurs do as they please I got very bored.
    Nostalgia has played too big a part in how I feel about this game 1/5.

  • I wanted to like it but it’s not great. The incredibly clunky interface and finicky placement for everything gets in the way a lot of the time and there doesn’t seem to be enough park management. It also started to absolutely chug on my PC after a while once my parks got a bit bigger. Feels like a cash grab. It had a lot of potential and came up a long way short.

  • Not true on the console release this week, If you preordered it it was available since E3 on PS4 and Xbox as well. I finished up the platinum yesterday and found the game hugely refreshing on console just in regards to not being another FPS / action adventure title. Aside from some annoyances (like weird terrain areas not letting you build on) I thoroughly enjoyed it, I think its the best JP game to date and hope it gets some more DLC later on

    • Didn’t even need to preorder, I purchased digitally a couple of weeks ago on PSN.

      I really enjoyed the game so far, plays very well with a controller which isn’t always the case in strategy games.

  • Have had it on X1X since release and goddamn if this game isn’t GORGEOUS. I have a one year old at home and is the perfect pick up and play game in between her naps and my own exhaustion. Love it.

  • I’ve not played a sim style game in YEARS so maybe I’m enjoying this so much because the whole genre seems new again. JW:E has me hooked, and I *think* its because I’m having fun. The onslaught of dino escapes and sh*t going down subsides into… “now what was I building again?” , you know, before that raptor started eating my guests. There is always something to do and no real space between having, wanting and needing – I’ve found my beer open and flat because there is just no moment to have a sip – I’ve been building my park for hours. Its fun testing out dino populations and finding that certain (sometimes carnivorous) dinos can be housed together while the disgruntled herbivores are the ones causing havoc, they all have a personality and some of them are just too difficult to be damned. I like the moments when I’m forced to shoot dinos from the jeep or copter manually, and get a third person view of the park. When that enclosure with its multi gate system is teeming with happy inhabitants, and building that perfect monorail – its what puts Shelbyville on the map. I want to see some aviary and aquatic dino enclosures in the future, but for now I don’t even have a life… to find a way.

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