Community Review: No Man's Sky Next

For those who have ventured into the skies once again, how's the journey been?

It's safe to say people have dug into No Man's Sky once again, with the game peaking at just under 100,000 players on Steam over the weekend (and who knows what the figure would be across consoles). The addition of multiplayer is obviously the key drawcard, but there's been plenty of content and quality of life additions added over the last couple of years.

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I don't know if No Man's Sky will ever be able to live up to the expectations some had before the game's launch. However, it feels completely different. There's still that overarching grind as you search for one type of resource to build another resource to modify a ship or build a tool so you can mine another resource — but that's always what the game was like.

It's about the journey, not the destination. And if nothing else, it's reminded everyone just how staggeringly pretty No Man's Sky can be.

How have you found No Man's Sky lately?


    Have played maybe 3 hours since the next update.
    I have to say, it feels so different. It has more of an atmosphere to the feel, the extra details are great. I love the addition of 3rd person too! If there ever was a game to chill, this is it. I liked it before, i love it now!

      That's encouraging, I enjoyed the chill up to a point the first time around as well, I think about going back but I've got new games to play so this may be a (star)ship has sailed situation.

        Well, its still the same game. It has the grindy mining element but i like that its not fast paced and hammering you to do something every 2 minutes!
        Id suggest perhaps start a new game to learn the new stuff for an hour or two, then reload your old save.

    Still looking for a habitable base nav point to unpack my old base. Crafted ones won’t do the trick.

    And so much boiling rain everywhere all of a sudden.

    Played it over the weekend after not touching it since release. It does appear to be better, but that boring mining/crafting loop is still there albeit toned down a bit. I'm hoping that improves as I've only just started out and have only reached the point at which you have to fuel your warp drive. I'm reserving judgement until I get to the base building/fleet management/trading economy stuff.

      As a warning, the first few hours have devolved into fetch quests as you first get your shop operational, then start progress towards the galactic core, then get sidetracked with the bases or portals.

      Once you get past that though, the mining/crafting loop is only as disruptive as you want it to be.

    I was part of the camp that loved it at launch. While I could see the point of some of the chaos, I was thoroughly more sickened by the level of gamer hysteria, sure they should have done things better, maybe not misdirected as much as they did, but I could never get behind gamers who cant take responsibility for the own actions. IE dont buy something and feel justified in losing your minds (even if justified) when you could have had self control BEFORE and only bought the game after the reviews came out.

    That said, I played it for only a few months, found it relaxing but the sheer amount of hate for it at every turn, out of the game, drove me away. When ever I would play I was no longer relaxing just getting angry when thinking of all the nasty things I kept reading.

    but back playing it now. It feels like a different game but sort of the same. Having fun and getting that strange form of relaxation from playing it again. My main bugbear still is that inventory mini-game feels too much like macro-game currently. I spent far too long constantly distracted by trying to take room in my bags, than tiptoeing through the meadows getting lost in relaxation.

    Found a lovely planet that's half ocean and half archipelago.
    Set down my base building thing which for some reason isn't letting me place a floor beneath it and won't let me unpack it to position properly :/
    Over all, really nice, but this base issue is going to keep setting off my ocd.

    I'm finding the amount of resources required to be getting very tedious.

      You can buy resources, so then you don't have to mine the basics stuff and concentrate on the real stuff you need.

    Played it for a day this week and it does seem much improved. They have some definite goals for the first 10 hours of play, plus seemingly a lot more subquests, and freighters, bases, factions, technology etc. The graphics and worlds look amazing and you can really get sucked in to the look and feel of it all.

    However, I can understand the crafting mechanic with the refining, but it seems like busy work for me. Takes me out of the immersion if I am forever looking for different elements, ferrite dust for this, then carbon for that, then oxygen and sodium for the other. Then chuck them into the refiner to make a compound to make a metal plate to hold a warp drive casing before you can stick your antimatter into it, all while juggling your one free inventory slot.

    I just can’t over the game’s overall aesthetics and inability to depict a grand, open universe.
    Every time I go in fresh, wanting a saga of my own making, overwhelmed by monotony and an abundance average, repetitive scenery.

    Ugh - I lost hours upon hours of language learning.

    Also the inventory management is more tedious than fun.

    I’ll invest more time in it but there are still things I’d like to see improved.

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