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When the words "I'm surprised how fast I dropped Octopath Traveller" keep coming up in your social feed, that's a good reason to be concerned.

I'm interested to know whether your Octopath Traveller experience has been more pleasant, since I've seen an awful lot of disappointment around the JRPG that launched on the Nintendo Switch last week. Much like Jason outlined, the biggest complaint I've seen is that the game is a bit too disjointed, failing to hold people's interest.

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Octopath Traveller has a cracking combat system, though, and some of the individual stories are actually quite good. Some of the post-game dungeons are also tying those stories together a little bit better, too.

Ultimately, Octopath seems very much for the hardcore JRPG crowd who loved their old-school SNES RPGs, and less like the JRPG you give to someone to change their mind about JRPGs. But maybe I'm wrong about that.

What do you think - how have you found Octopath Traveller so far?


    Ultimately, Octopath seems very much for the hardcore JRPG crowd who loved their old-school SNES RPGs, and less like the JRPG you give to someone to change their mind about JRPGs. But maybe I'm wrong about that. Somewhat true in terms of it's intent but I'm still a huge fan of the old school JRPGs and have no real motivation to play this. I think a lot of the problem is that people were expecting the second coming of Final Fantasy 6 and it failed to live up to that.

      Yeah, expectation management seems like it was a problem here. Which I find a bit weird, because it's not like there was immense hype (and there was a long gap between release + the demo dropping on the eShop).

        It's an odd beast. I was totally not keen on it from first trailer. Something about it felt like it was made by a robot that was told to make something using Mitsuda Yasunori style music and FF6 graphics on the Unreal engine.
        Anyway, first hour playing felt like putting on a pair of worn-in leather boots. Well written and produced game with decent combat. I haven't finished it, but I feel like the backlash may be a bit unwarranted.

    I started with Olberic and now have Tressa, Cyrus and Ophelia.

    Loving the game! Music is top notch and the battle system is so refreshing. Individual stories are cliched but with how endearing the characters are it doesn't bother me.

    I've finished Chapter 1 on all my characters, but have found they are all well under the recommended for their second Chapter, as well as the side quest dungeons.

    I assume at this point I just need to grind levels.

    The game is fun, but I'm hoping there's not a large grind to increase levels between every single chapter.

      I heard that if once you done first chapters, you should go for the shrines to unlock jobs and that should make your characters level enough for chapter 2. Probably intended to do be done that way since unlocking jobs will give more weapons to your characters and better breaking.

        Ahh okay. It doesn't give any hint or indication that the job shrines are unlocked. Or I missed it.

      I read one option it to just play the whole game with 4 characters, then switch out for the other 4 and play through all their stuff. Gets around mismatched levels between characters etc.

        You'd need to do a fair bit of grinding to do this though, even after playing all 8 stories I still had to grind a bit to get to the recommended level for chapter 2

    Loved the demo and can't wait to get my hands on it - but I need to finish Xenoblade 2 first. My backlog of shame is already too much.

      Yeah same. I have like four games going right now, and I've still almost bought this game several times. :p


        Couldn't help myself. Still got Bayonetta 2 and Hollow Knight to get through. Hollow Knight first then octo path traveler. Sorry Bayonetta

      Xenoblade 2 was bloody fantastic game gee it goes on and on and on and on and on and on....

        My OCD won't let me stop upgrading my blades to max before moving on. It makes a long game nearly impossible to finish.

    I am enjoying it immensely. In my opinion it's everything it promised to be and everything I expected it to be. So far, the main complaint seems to stem from Octopath's characters/stories not meshing together at some point to become a unified adventure. I don't recall any official word indicating in any way that this would be the case. Following from that, the next most common complaint is that it doesn't make sense for the characters to join each other and there would be no motivation for, say, Therion and Olberic to work together. Yeh, I get that but when you start looking at character motivations more critically in a lot of games, even RPGs, they're pretty nonsensical. Anyway, those who like it can enjoy it and nobody is under any obligation to enjoy it so each to their own, I guess.

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    I'm disappointed to learn that the eight narratives don't seem to converge into an overall plot arc. It would be far more satisfying for the character's plots to be interwoven, giving them a compelling reason to work together. The dialogue also suffers heavily from over-writing. But I love the art style and the gameplay, and I don't intend to give up on it.

    Just finished God of War and immediately started Octopath. Comparatively, the gap in inter-character banter is extremely jarring, but everything else is really good.

    I like the pacing - finishing a chapter then putting it down, doing something else then still curious and interested to come back to it. It's the kind of game that you should have if you have a switch, but not the kind of game you should buy a switch for. Unfortunately, people judge the game expecting it to be the latter.

      I was seriously considering getting a Switch for this game, but I'm glad I waited for the reviews.

        Alot of people are really enjoying this game if you buy a switch there's a free 3 hr demo for this game I suggest if you are interested in this game play it for yourself and dont let reviews give you a predetermined bias. Also mario odyssey, splatoon2, and the upcoming smash bros are great reasons to get one

          I still don't think it's worth the price as I already have an Xbox to play AAA games, and my laptop for indie ones.

          As for the exclusives, Splatoon doesn't interest me (not really a fan of non campaign shooters). I have played quite a bit of Odyssey but don't like how power moons are so common, as that removes the fun of finding them.

          BOTW looks cool, but I'm happy to wait (or buy a cheap second hand Wii U to play all the games getting ported).

    I'm in the process of collecting my 7th character at the moment, and while yes it is repetitive, I'm loving it! The battle system perfects what was experimented with in the Bravely games. It's extremely tactical, without being overly complicated.

    I'm having fun with it so far, long ways to go though!

    I was hyped about this game when I first heard about it. I played both the original demo and the prologue demo. I really love the aesthetic and the battle system is great. But, I found d the character interaction in the prologue to really off putting. I know that party formation in jrpgs is often pretty tenuous, but in this game it seems to not be acknowledged at all. Even some basic dialogue written for each character combination at first meeting would have been better than what has been done. As a story first sort of person when it comes to RPGs, this has led me to keep it on the wish list for now while I finish off some other games. I expect I'll come back to it at a later date because everything g else about the game feels Rock solid.

    I think this is case of the community and media hyping the game into something at no one point the developers said it would be. I don't recall any of the promotional material or any developer interview saying the 8 stories would converge into an overarching plot. The tagline for the game is literally "eight characters. eight stories to discover". So not overly surprised the individual stories and characters all seem separate and disconnected from one another. I'll need to play it myself but I think the game achieves what it says on the tin from all the "negative" comments the past couple of days.

      I don’t understand this thought process.

      Sure the devs never said the stories would work together, but should they have too? No.

      In this day and age it is expected that games of this level of development would have an integrated story. I’m not talking fully integrated either, just asking characters to acknowledge each other. Cause you know, they are willing to fight together.

      It’s serioualy not a lot to ask for in 2018 for a game of this price. Stop making excuses.

      My take on the marketing is this.....8 stories, one world.

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    I was pumped after the demo, mostly because I thought the 8 stories would intertwine in an interesting way at some stage. I'm still playing and still enjoying it though, just not as obsessively as I played through zelda.

    It's not bad exactly, but I started skipping through most of the stories. A few are more interesting and there are a couple of real dark ones.

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