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Another sale window has come and gone. But how much did you spend this time around?

I've owned a Steam account since 2003, and the latest Summer Sale is the first time I've actually not picked anything up.

Timing's partly a factor. I've already got a stack of good games I'm working my way through, and I haven't gotten all the way through my very delayed playthrough of Divinity: Original Sin 2. Or Cuphead, come to think of it.

And then there's my never-ending quest to stop losing matches to "Big Mick" in Mario Tennis, whoever that Peach-playing fellow is.

Coupled with the recent overhaul of Symmetra, I just didn't have the impetus to dig through Steam this time around. I've got a ton of indies on my wish list, but as always, the kicker is time.

How did you find the recent Steam sales? Buy anything? Add anything to your wish list?


    That's two sales in a row I haven't bought anything. In my case it's because many of the games I would have played on PC in the past are coming out or are already out on the Switch. Hollow Knight comes to mind as the big one. I've been spending a lot of time and enjoying every minute of having that little portable around. Sure, I've probably spent more than what I would have compared to the Steam sales, but to me it's worth it.

      Yeah. I really love my switch. I don't have too many games, but it's such a nice little machine. And it fits into the pocket of my cargo's!

    zero dollars, I still have games to back burn plus there's too many digital sales in a year

    steam sales are largely pointless these days when at any given time in a month there is always a digital distribution site having a sale

    The only reason I pay any attention to Steam sales at all these days is to spend the cash I have in my wallet from card sales. Which I didn't bother with this time, nothing was tempting or cheap enough for me.

    I grabbed Fallout 4 GOTY for about $42 which was ok i reckon. Spent 2 days modding it and now it looks amazing.

    Literally the only game i have on my PC that's less than 8 years old, unless we're counting stuff like NFS for the kids.

      Ha wow. I take it your last game was Skyrim? :)

        i couldn't get into Skyrim. I loved Oblivion back in the day and it just felt like more of the same.

        I'm more a console guy these days and i played a little bit of fallout 4 on it, thought "if i'm ever going to play a game on PC, it should be this one" and pulled the trigger. 200mods later I've got something that looks pretty great going on.

        Not sure how much i'll play because you can get lost in these games, but I've enjoyed what I've played so far.

    After not spending anything for the past year or two I spent a bundle, the groupings of games where you can 'complete your collection' for game series or DLC within games led to a number of piecemeal purchases. The best buys were from competitors selling steam keys as always.

    Nothing. Nothing worth buying or prices weren't that cheap with exchange.

    I bought two games on my wish list. Dishonoured 2 Death of the Outsider and Prey. Got a real bite for Arkane games after finishing Dishonoured 2....

    However since Steam still charged Australuans in USD I did the maths...
    One was cheaper at EB games :P

    Actually grabbed quite a bit:

    - Ruiner
    - Redeemer
    - Bulletstorm: Full Clip
    - Forced: Showdown
    - Slay The Spire
    - Dishonored 2
    -Assassins Creed: Origins

    Playing AC:O currently - and honestly, so far I'm very impressed.
    It stinks a little of design-by-committee compared to the truly great games, like The Witcher 3, but its still an enormous improvement over Syndicate.

    I plan on moving over to the Switch

    Spent around $30 mostly on small indies I've had on my wishlist for ages. So of them were 90% off so figured it was get them now or drop them from the wishlist as I will never get them.
    The 'bigger' purchases were firewatch and mad max for 5 bucks each
    I also grabbed Rumu which I had been meaning to get for a while.

    The only thing I buy nowadays in Steam sales is DLC, since DLC is the only thing that isn't otherwise available cheaper elsewhere.

    I only ever binge on a summer or winter sale when I get a Steam gift card for my birthday or Christmas, which didn't happen this year so I didn't bother. I have over 100 good quality games I'm still going through anyway so I honestly don't feel the urge to buy anything new. Games really have become like books to me now.

    there wasnt really anything i wanted for a decent price. i picked a few things up in the EB Games mid year sales as they actually had better deals than steam this year.

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