Custom D&D Character Sheets Are A Critical Hit

Cartoonist and self-described Dungeons & Dragons nerd Luke Howard hand-crafted a convincing argument in favour of pen-and-paper role-playing: Custom character sheets for D&D.

It isn't unusual for players to print their character sheets off D&D's website or type their stats into a digital document. But that can feel a little impersonal.

Howard's character books are the polar opposite. Protected by french paper, embellished with a skull, and covered with adorable illustrations, these sheets are almost too good to write on:

All of D&D's 5th edition's essential information is on there, plus a quick reference guide. The booklets are bound with an elastic cord, so if your character dies, you can add new sheets and start again. Howard also offers a digital version.


    Is Howard your friend or something? Custom character sheets are not new...

    Cecilia, I suggest you undertake a D&D world tounament. All you and everyone else need is a charactersheet and dice and you roll up your pc, and rather than fight monsters or do something that requires a dungeon masters guide or monster manual, simply duel each other in a winner of each round gets bumped in military rank from recruit. Call it the kotaku D&D World Tournament. Critical hits happen and some pcs may be killed outright. Restrict them to fists, and no armour.

    Ex. Bethant Ironfist: Lawful; fighter; level 1; 3hp; AC9(+2 dex penalty); Str (9), Int (15), Wis (10), Dex (6), Con (9), Cha (6); fist 1d3.


    Arko of Dirtwater: Neutral; fighter; level 1; 6hp; AC9; Str (5), Int (15), Wis (10), Dex (12), Con (9), Cha (12); fist 1d3(-2 strength penalty).

    Initiative: Beth rolls 6, Arko 2.
    Beth rolls 18 on hit roll. 2 on 1d6/2 inflicting 1hp damage on Arko.
    Arko rolls 20 on hitroll(-2 to hit). 5 on 1d6/2 (-2 damage) inflicting 1hp damage on Beth.

    Beth rolls 11 to hit. 5 on 1d6/2 inflicting 3hp on Arko.
    Arko rolls...20 (what is wrong with this damn d20?) -2 to hit. 2 on 1d6/2 (-2 damage) inflicting 1hp on Beth.

    Beth rolls 3 to hit and misses.
    Arko rolls 14. Rolls 1 on 1d6/2 (-2hp) for 1 hp damage killing Beth.

    Arko is bumped to rank of private and goes on to the next round while other tournament fighters compete. Beth's corpse gets dragged off the field...

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