Day Of The Tentacle Gets Amazing Fan-Made Sequel

Day Of The Tentacle Gets Amazing Fan-Made Sequel


Day of the Tentacle got a new lease of life thanks to Double Fine’s remaster. But some fans have opted to go one step further with Return of the Tentacle, a fan-made sequel that’s incredibly faithful to the original point-and-click adventure.

The whole game is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux for free over at It’s actually staggering how much work has gone into this: it’s got a soundtrack of its own, English and German subtitles and voiceovers, and an updated interface that’s not actually frustrating to use at all.

But comfortably the biggest drawcard is that it’s staggeringly faithful to the original. Here’s the first few minutes of gameplay:

Return of the Tentacle isn’t especially long – this is a fan game, after all – but it’s a bloody impressive project. This might actually be the best fan game put together since A2MR, given how authentic it all is. Head over to to check it out, or even to just say thank you.


  • And downloaded! Thanks for the tip. DoTT is up there in my faves. I’ll happily check out how good a project this is.

    I’m sceptical on the voice acting. DoTT was pretty awesome. I’ll be impressed if this project is anywhere near that quality.

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