Detroit: Become Human Is Full Of Secret Messages In Morse Code

Detroit: Become Human Is Full Of Secret Messages In Morse Code
Image: Detroit: Become Human
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Quantic Dream’s is full of secrets, lore and new scenes to be unlocked throughout multiple playthroughs, but one particular set of messages took fans almost two months to discover and decipher. The bite-sized messages are full of pop culture references, notes from the dev team and weird snatches of code chronicling features of the game itself. Here’s what’s been found.

The messages were first discovered by Russian YouTuber Чиабатта (Chiiabatta), but for those of us who don’t speak Russian were later compiled by @Anna_Sthetic, at least all of the messages that are available in a ‘good path’ playthrough.

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The morse code is hidden in the little cards that come up largely during Connor’s scenes while scanning evidence, but can also appear in Markus and Kara’s whenever something is scanned or analysed. At first glance the code looks like a stylised line break, but eagle-eyed fans noticed that the dots, dashes and spaces could be interpreted as morse code.

Some of the more interesting messages include “RA9 is a fake”, included on two objects that can be scanned in the police department during the chapter Waiting For Hank.

Two clues on the “Urban Farm” poster in the abandoned apartment combine to form the message “During production? Everybody hated Chloe the menu android” which is both an interesting insight and a bit sad for poor Chloe. Another set of clues around the broken bird cage say “No android were harmed in the process of making this game. Mostly.” Slightly ominous.

Others seem to keep count of various production notes, such as “mind palace versions. 71″, menu versions count. 54” and “characters planned 4″ – and it has been confirmed in interviews that the game was originally intended to have four main characters. Others seem to be a little less related to this particular game, such as one note that counts ‘L4D2 campaigns done. 52”.

Of course the vast majority of notes are made up of random pop culture references – from “the cake is a lie” to “leave the gun take the cannoli”, and even “niet. ich am non vader” (guess who?).

One of the messages even linked out to a shortened Google link – which Reddit later figured out led to a YouTube video of, guess what, Rick Astley. We can’t be sure whether this was the work of one bored designer or a whole team, but I can’t help feeling like I just got rickrolled by David Cage.

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