Disable No Man's Sky's Annoying Screen Effects With This Mod

Image: Lo2k / Nexus Mods

No Man's Sky has its fair share of visual effects to add atmosphere and ambience, but for the interface purists out there, they just look bad or get in the way. If you'd like to banish the post-processing — chromatic aberration, scanlines and so forth — Clean UI is the mod for you.

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The mod, which weighs in at a mere 5KB, alters the game's shaders to remove the aforementioned effects.

Here's the brief explainer from Clean UI's page on Nexus:

This is the NEXT version of my Clean UI mod that basically cleans screen from default effects.

So what does this mod do:
- Removes top screen vignette (darken) effect
- Removes top screen scanlines
- Removes top screen chromatic aberration

From what I can tell, it's all or nothing, so if you like one of the above effects and not the others, you're out of luck.

If you'd like a preview, you can see the mod in action below (via Kane Hart):

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Clean UI for NEXT [Nexus Mods]


    had this mod well before the Next update came and it's great! Cleans up the screen and effects quite a bit. I hate scan lines, vignette and abberation altogether! So this is a great mod.
    Thanks Logan Booker for the updated info!

    Last edited 29/07/18 1:53 pm

    Yes. This is what I wanted. Installing now.

    Chromatic aberration in video games must die.

      I always disable chromatic aberration too. Most annoying effect ever.

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