EA, Put This World Cup Blooper In FIFA, Please

Belgian forward Michy Batshuayi was celebrating his team's goal against England when things went bad.

Photo: Hassan Ammar (AP)

(If the Twitter version won't load, here it is on YouTube).

Maybe a Fortnite dance might have been a better option, dude.

If Epics battle royale wasn't right for the moment, then we can only hope EA Sports sees the light and gets this in FIFA 19 instead.

And if you're wondering how Batshuayi is doing afterwards, he's fine.


    So, ah... yeh... great article. Did noone check the vids beforehand?

    Good job on non-playing videos. Quality effort.

    Kicks ball into goal post and it hits him in the head. Don't worry guys, not really worth the click....

    The old classic no vids play article. Havent had one of these in a while!

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