EB Sells Switch For $399, Calls Console 'Fortnite Essentials'

Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku)

Out of all the things you could say about Nintendo's hybrid console, "FORTNITE ESSENTIALS" is not the first thing that comes to mind.

As they often do, EB are having a sale. It's actually quite a good one in this instance: you can grab a Switch for $399, which is a solid deal. But on the listing page, there's something a bit weird...

Image: EB Games

Fortnite essentials? I mean, sure, you need a system of some description to play Fortnite, but that's a weird way to pitch a machine that also lets you play Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, DOOM, Wolfenstein 2 and the Jackbox games in public.

Guess that's a sign of the times, though. There must be tons of sales reps and managers who have people coming in, going "I'd like to buy Fortnite please" or asking people about Fortnite.

An entire console would certainly count as an "essential" - I mean, you can play Fortnite on your phone if it's not a potato - although it's strange to see the Nintendo platform pitched this way. Could you call the NES a Mario essential?

Anyway, the Switch deal is still pretty good. Head here if you're interested; there's a version in grey as well.


    Pass, will buy from Big W.

      I always get consoles from EB games.

      My joy cons broke 10 months after getting it. EB replaced on the spot with no issue whatsoever.

      If I’d bought from Big W I’d have had to deal with Nintendo support. Ie send in console for a period of time.

    What I still find "interesting" is that Nintendo brought Fortnite to the Switch a few months before they start charging for online access. Nothing like a popular online game to encourage people to pay for online access.

      They had announced long before Fortnight was even a thing that the Switch would charge for online.

    I went to EB Games yesterday to buy a gift for a friend, and there were so many posters plastered on the walls to advertise Fortnite.

    PS4 console? Get Fortnite. X-Box One? Get Fortnite. Nintendo Switch? "Fortnite Essentials". Then there was all the advertisement for "V-Bucks", Fortnite's digital currency for cosmetic DLC.

    There were also three kids in the store, with their mothers, who were visiting that EB inquiring about getting a console to play Fortnite, or getting V-Bucks.

      Fortnite is the new skylanders :P might as well capitalise on it.

        I'd see it more as the new Wii Sports myself; a game that gets non-gamers into gaming.

          i was thinking of it more of the flash in the pan that all the kids are going ape shit about. but i guess the appeal probably isn't as broad as skylanders to be honest.

            Skylanders was a popular franchise that ran for six years; how is that a flash in the pan?

              True i guess flash in the pan is the wrong phrase but you cant deny the last few games weren't exactly cultural phenomenons. i guess time just feels to go way faster lately doesn't feel like it was that long :P

          Not really, unless you're seeing people in retirement homes buying into it.

      I got a damn e-mail today detailing all the games I have purchased from EB semi recently, Origins and Injustice 2, and it was telling me how many V-bucks I could get for trading them

      It truly is the end

        I got that same e-mail too, man. Goddamn.

    Fortnite will get new people into gaming that probably wouldn't have gotten into gaming, who in time will branch out and try new things. Of that mass maybe 0.00000001% will become the human to create something many other will adore in the future.
    Endure the short term in the hopes it pays off in the long term.

    Actually related, my Switch is my "Zelda Essentials" machine.

    I honestly think this is pretty scummy if they don’t have a whole fortnight essentials range with PS4 and XBOX deals too, because nothing is more frustrating for a multiplayer game then your mum buying you a console that can’t play with your mates who are statistically speaking most likely to play on PS4

      PC has the biggest player base by far which has cross play with everything else.

    EB is Frustration Essential. Anytime I feel like I need to have something to be upset about, I place a preorder there.
    The only thing that would make it more complete is contracting chlymida from a pre-owned game (you don’t know where they’ve been.

    It's been cheaper than that on Amazon for a while now.

      I suppose technically, it's $398 on Amazon.

      To save $1? may as well by from local, and let them handle RA's directly rather than having to ship your console around.

        Now, sure. But when I say "for a while" I mean for months.

    We're having problems with my nephew who spends all his time playing Fortnite and watching Fortnite videos on Youtube. But he also gets aggressively angry when he loses a match (which is every match). We've been trying to get his mind off it for a while but all he does is complain and whine. However we managed to get a breakthrough last week when we introduced him to Dragon Quest Heroes 2.

      Tracey Grimshaw and the ACA team would love to know more :P

      Your nephew sounds a lot like our son :P

      Isn't the onus on the parents? Why did they let it get this bad? Why didn't they limit their time? Im sorry but kids don't know any better parents need to do better.

        When he's at his mothers she basically just sits him in front of the computer when he gets home.

    I have to admit Fortnight is really fun to play on Switch. I have been flicking between that and Hollow Knight and having a whale of a time. The hardware is just so good.

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