Fancy Up Your Gaming Room With This Marble Puzzle Machine

Image: Marco Iannicelli

Got some extra space in your house perfect for an arcade machine? Why settle for a cabinet stolen from your local Timezone while high on noodle flavour sachets when you could go maximum pretentious? Enter this marble contraption from Marco Iannicelli, simply called "A Maze".

Far from being the mysterious game Ed Harris' character from Westworld is searching for, "A Maze" is more of an artistic construct, designed to highlight the important of the number seven:

The labyrinth is made up of seven concentric rings that are linked together in such a way that there is no end and therefore no beginning.

The number seven is of great importance, because the seven is considered a mystical number but also plays an important role in our psyche and in our daily lives.

Image: Marco Iannicelli

There's no description of how the game works, but I'm guessing you move the joystick to manipulate the centre platform, driving the metal ball inside with gravity.

Alright, I've limbered up, chalked my hands and slammed three Red Bulls. How do I win this thing?

"A Maze", though has no goal.

Ah, well. I guess it's an all-night Stellaris marathon then.

A Maze [Marco Iannicelli, via Uncrate]


    Wow. Tuned out as soon as the bullshit numerology started. Why can't folks just settle for "Hey I built this cool thing!" Instead of trying to attach some hokey garbage to it?

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