Far Cry 5 Is Going To Mars

It's been a while since Ubisoft took the Blood Dragon approach to the Far Cry series. So why not take Far Cry 5 to Mars?

Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars, which drops July 17, does exactly that. It's not exactly Far Cry 5: Blood Dragon, but it does give you access to laser blasters, jetpacks, arachnids to shoot, a one-shot BFG-esque gun, and a massive Mars-themed sandbox to mess up.

The DLC is free for those who already bought the season pass. Australian pricing isn't available at the time of writing.

Update: Ubisoft Australia has advised us that Lost on Mars will cost $17.95 if bought separately.


    Ubisoft Australia has advised us that Lost on Mars will cost $17.95 if bought separately.

    So will it be a stand-alone game like Blood Dragon, or do I have to buy FC5 as well?

      FC5 DLC dude. FC5 is really good. Does get a tad reptitive, but looks and sounds fantastic.
      The Vietnam DLC is also very good, but a tad short. Does change from FC5 a smidge and you are more easily damaged (I think anyway!!) and enemies can be one shot kills. Seems more "realistic".
      I think the Mars DLC will be over the top action and can't wait.
      Hope this helps and you could do a lot worse than getting FC5.

        That really didn't answer his question of whether or not the base game is needed for this DLC. We probably have to wait and see as the quote from Ubisoft is a tad ambiguous.

          Pretty sure it’s DLC for the base game, which you need to play it.

          You need the base game. It is DLC to Far Cry 5. Not stand alone.

    Anyone else reckon the voice on the radio sounds like Scooter?


    Sad about not giving a shit. The Arcade mode being necessary for the platinum really burned me the fuck out on FC5. That, and the weekly reminder/nagging to try out the new 'community event' (get a re-skinned piece of shit with the same stats as all the other guns you've already bought!) have turned me off what I first thought was a really great game.

      That's on you, nothing to do with the game. You're the one who felt it necessary to go for platinum and chose to be annoyed by an easily brushed off weekly reminder. Stop getting in your own way?

        BREAKING NEWS: PLAYER BEHAVIOUR INFLUENCED BY REWARD SYSTEMS! DEVELOPERS BAFFLED. "We had no idea! We just put that shit in because... I dunno? Aliens?"

        Never said it wasn't on me, btw, but there's definitely some blame to be shared by the devs. Shifting rewards to painful grinds is entirely on developers. Pursuing it seemed like a good idea because it was so close... yet so far, in practice. It turned out to sour the tail end of something I'd have otherwise closed the book on contentedly. And the update nagging would be nice to disable, but as it stands, I'm pretty sure the main way to do that is to disable updates for ALL games, or to target FC5 specifically I'd have to uninstall a forty fucking gig game that makes reinstalling same to revisit for DLC less likely.

        And like I said, without sarcasm: I am genuinely sad about not giving a shit. I was super hyped for that DLC in the first few weeks after launch. I had a lot of fun and regret that the 'games as a service' component started to leave a negative impression over time. Other games manage to avoid that. I wish FC5 had.

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