Now Here's A Nice Gaming Mouse

Finally unveiled after weeks of teasing on Twitter, the team behind Finalmouse have revealed a gaming mouse that looks like an absolute stunner.

The whole shtick behind the Finalmouse products is combining a larger sized chassis with bugger all weight. And when I mean bugger all, I'm talking 67 grams. That's a fraction lighter than the Razer Abyssus - which is Razer's lightest and smallest mouse that they sell in Australia, unless you import the baby-sized Salmosa - and almost 20g lighter than the small-sized offerings from Logitech, Zowie, Steelseries, Coolermaster, Roccat and so on.

Gamers, particularly those into CS:GO, Overwatch, Quake Champions or any FPS that rewards a high degree of precision, are always on the hunt for light mice. Common thinking goes that you want the lightest mouse possible to reduce fatigue, but you don't want a shape that's so small that it's uncomfortable to hold.

That's the Finalmouse pitch, or a version thereof anyway. Today was a big day on social media, only because Finalmouse stock has been nigh on impossible to grab. The launch of the company's Sunset mice earlier this year were sold out instantly, with Australians not even getting a look in.

A shot of the Ultralight Phantom, plus packaging. Image: YouTube (RocketJumpNinja)

Anyway, Finalmouse's latest mouse - along with a fresh batch of supply for Australians, which you can get through PC Case Gear - dropped today. It's the Phantom, which is basically code for a black-skinned mouse that has a white splatter effect on the surface. It's designed to look like stars, although the coating looks more like drops of paint rather than actual stars.

The extra add-on - and part of the reason why the Phantom is priced at $129 locally - is the addition of a special cable. It's designed to appeal to users who were custom modding their mice to add a paracord, which is essentially an ultralight, flexible cord that won't shift the mouse around. Problem is, paracord cables were a custom job, involving that you take apart the shell and remove the existing cable, as seen below:

Most people, it's safe to say, don't want to mess around with tweezers and a soldering iron.

So all in all, it's not hard to see why people are pretty keen on this. Sadly, local stock of the Ultralight Phantom has sold out already - within minutes:

Fortunately, you can still get the other Ultralight mice (which are still around 70g with that neat honeycomb shape, but with a heavier braided cable) here. Just note that if you do take the plunge, stock will take at least a fortnight to ship as they work through all the orders.


    looks ok except for the paint splotches all over it

      Yeah my thoughts exactly. Apparently there's a matte black one coming at the end of the month

        Yeah, the standard black version is still available. You get the bog-standard cord, though.

      Yeah, looks like another g4m3r m0u53 to me sadly.

      The Logitech G403 / G703 are my current favourites.

      Excellent sensor, lightweight (with optional weight), extremely impressive wireless performance, braided cable for when you need it, and most of all, you can use it at home AND the office without it standing out.

    I prefer a weighted mouse... but maybe that's why I'm not a pro... ;.;
    Also -
    a gaming mice

    Looks great for minimising sweating, but since when have light as possible mouses been a wanted thing by gamers? Considering that there are crap-tonnes of gaming mice with weights in them I somehow doubt this?

      People wanting light mice has been a thing as long as I've known.

      I knew a few people who opened up their IME3.0 and dremeled off a bunch of unnecessary plastic to make it that few grams lighter.

      It comes down to preference, the idea that a lighter mouse is superior for certain game types is a marketing myth. More weight = more resistance (more effort) = more precision. Less weight = less resistance (less effort) = less precision. There's a reason everything professional from guns and bows to video cameras preference carefully positioned weight. Still, certain reddit communities buy into the myth and then push it onto others.

      Pair with different surfaces to fine tune resistance. Choose based on which is more comfortable for you, it's entirely personal preference.

        Light mice can definitely be great - but as you point out, light doesn't mean it's well balanced. A lot of people have issues with Logitech's G Pro for this exact reason (it's not weighted over the sensor, and it's a bit weird if you're trying to do large flicks from one side of the pad to the other).

    I've just had a quick google around but I can't find any information about what sensor this mouse uses? Anyone know?

    I was looking at getting one but since I wont pull the trigger without knowing, I've been bitten too many times by shitty sensors.

      It's the Pixart 3360, so you should be fine.

        Cheers! I'm definitely gonna order one of these soon

    Good for the manufacturers i guess. They've made a limited cappacity to increase demand and the sheeple are lapping it up.

    Seriously. It's a mouse.

    Never buy any USB device with a braided sheath over the cable. BOth myself and friends have had the braid go tight on multiple times and break the wire.

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