Finn And Jake Gear Up For The Great Gum War In The Adventure Time Series Finale Trailer

Finn And Jake Gear Up For The Great Gum War In The Adventure Time Series Finale Trailer

All adventures have to end, and this one looks as though it’s going out with a full-scale war.

The war, between Princess Bubblegum’s Candy Kingdom and the kingdom of Gumbaldia, looks to be the situation that spurs Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, adventure friends until the very end, onto one last quest.

After 10 seasons of evolution as one of the smartest cartoons on TV, this will be the last hurrah for Adventure Time, which along with titles such as Steven Universe has created a new era of great animation at Cartoon Network.

Check out the trailer, which premiered at Comic-Con today. It has gum, and goo, and bacon, and pancakes.


  • Since we had our nephews over at my place, and by doing so they coopted the TV for a week of Disney and Cartoon Network, as opposed to the usual boring shows other people watch, I finally got to see Steven Universe. I really wasn’t impressed. If this is whats considered a ‘new era of great animation’, I’d like the early 90s back thanks.

    • I watched the 80s and 90s cartoons and no thanks.. the animation was horrendously looped and amateurish drawn, there were very, very few cartoons with story archs, let alone continuity and they were also mostly geared solely as sales vehicles for toys.

      I enjoy watching the likes of Adventure Time, Starr vs the forces of Evil and Steven Universe with my 10 year old as they take a dump on the older predominantly US cartoons, from way up high.

    • Depends on the episode and season. If it was season 1, there’s only a handful of really great episodes (Mirror Gem, Ocean Gem, The Return and Jailbreak). From then on the series gets darker (with slapstick/world building here and there) and the animation improves.

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