For Honor Headlines August’s Xbox Live Games With Gold 

For Honor Headlines August’s Xbox Live Games With Gold 

August’s Xbox Live Games with Gold is pretty good this month. It features a few games I keep meaning to check out, like For Honor and Dead Space 3. As always, these games are only “free” if you have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription.

August‘s Xbox Live Games With Gold are:

Xbox One

  • Forza Horizon 2 Standard — 10th Anniversary Edition (August 1-31)
  • For Honour Standard Edition (August 16-September 15)

Xbox 360 (compatible with Xbox One)

  • Dead Space 3 (August 1-15)
  • Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (August 16-31)


  • Wow. Those games are WAAAAY better than the games that have been on the last few months (yes I’m aware that someone probably loved Jimbob’s $4 Indie Adventure or whatever it was last month).

    They still need to scrap the system or at the very least make it free for Gamepass subscribers. Its stupid having two different subscriptions that inevitably canabilise each other for free games.

    • i never understand this logic.

      They are two separate subscriptions as they are two separate items.

      Game Pass gives you access to 100s of games for $11 per month.
      Live Gold gives you access to a plethora of other players to compete against – same as PSN.

      you dont need gold to play game pass games – not everyone likes multiplayer.
      The GIFT you 4 free games a month as a BONUS with Gold Live.

      You get something for nothing, but hey, lets whinge and moan because its still not good enough.

      • Oh man! Blindly defensive much? Have a teary next time!

        Nobody’s getting “GIFTS”, “BONUSES” (all caps for extra tears) or “something for nothing”, so that’s a good place to start with how sad your weird fanboy rant is.

        I’ve been an XBL subscriber since the day it launched and understand what it does.

        Two subscriptions is a clunky way to run a service, and there has been an increasing trend towards indie titles on Gold (which pretty much everyone with an Xbox has for multiplayer) over the past few months with the triple A games going to Gamepass where MS is looking to boost subscribers.

        It’d be a lot better for me (and you) if they just said multiplayer and free games come with Gamepass and then have a cheaper multiplayer-only option. The current system is confusing for ultra-casuals, spreads its value too thin (particularly on the Gold side) and is primarily a relic from pre-Gamepass times. That way everyone only has one account and the library on GP would be more enticing.

        Seems like common sense and good business to me, not a reason to have a cry and start downvoting people.

        • Had you spoken out in this way to start you would have received a different response.
          While i respect and (now) get where you are coming from, i can agree to an extent.

          The simple fact of the matter is, Gold live was and is for multiplayer, always has been.
          The inclusion of free titles was something a little extra to assist with the burdening cost of the subscription – so yes, not entirely free, but an inclusion that is not required – hence the ‘BONUS’ i stated.

          Game pass is in its infancy, barely even a toddler in the grand scheme of things.

          There is no blind defence, i stated what it is and pointed out you’re having a whinge for naught. Not every one can afford both subscriptions, so at the very least you get something whichever way you play. But oh no, still not good enough.

          Your response, while well thought out in the later paragraphs really fails when you carry on like a bitch to in both of your replies.

          you are still whinging you are getting a bonus. thats what it boils down too.
          Where does the fanboy even come into it? Is that your standard response when someone disagrees with you?

    • What I loved about last months jimbob indie adventure was that both titles had 4-player couch co-op, and great fun to play with my kids, one more action orientated, the other more puzzle focus. Can’t have AAA titles every month, for me last month was way better than this.

      • For sure. I’m just going off what most people want most of the time and perceived value.

        IDARB is my favourite Gold game of this generation for exactly your reasoning.

    • Here’s my tip.

      I thought they would combine them but I’m guessing that they’re saving it until Next Gen.

      They really wanna beat Sony next time so it would surprise me if they made multiplayer free and game pad the standard sub from then on (its much easier to drive sign ups at the start of a generation when there’s bugger all library and a lot of long term goldmembers (like myself!) Have no incentive to try game pass when our library is already overlapping with many of the games.

  • I like that not all 4 games suit me personally every month. It shows that Microsoft is choosing a wide variety of different kinds of games that suits lots of different tastes.

    For Honor is a great game and worth checking out.

  • Smart move by Ubi I reckon with For Honor – never understand why more pubs of struggling/risky titles don’t consider it more often? It’s a good enough game in its own right that it would probably have been successful anyway, but rocket league starting as free gave it a great headstart/word of mouth to help it on its way as one example – sure there have been others.

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