Fortnite Player Snags Kill Record By Wrecking Crowd Of Rocket-Watchers

In Fortnite, the best player doesn't always win. Sometimes, the worst does. A new Fortnite kill record was set this weekend by an arguably unscrupulous player who griefed 48 unsuspecting victims watching Fortnite's one-time-only rocket launch event.

Image: YouTuber D

On Sunday, players logged into Fortnite en masse to witness a rocket speed into the atmosphere and crack the sky.

An in-game countdown and a siren prefaced the event. Players had been hyped for days and, just before 3:30AM AEST on Sunday, they set up viewing stations all around the game.

That's when player Elemental_Ray chose to make their move, Eurogamer first reported.

In one game, dozens of players collaborated on making a behemoth staircase for the best angle on the rocket launch. A video depicting the group effort is inspiring to watch. It's exceedingly rare for so many Fortnite players to collaborate on anything, and here, they're all dancing in the sky together.

Just as the rocket fired, but before the sky cracked, all those entranced players were rudely disturbed. The platform they stood on disappeared. Forty-eight fell to their death.

After you die in Fortnite, the camera shifts to your killer. Forty-eight dead players found themselves spectating a player named Elemental_Ray, who had chopped down the bottom of the staircase.

This transgressive act of griefing has earned Elemental_Ray Fortnite's #1 spot in the game's single match kills record. On their Twitter, he describes himself as "the most hated man on #Fortnite".

Predictably, Fortnite players are pissed. Players are tweeting at him, telling him he's hated or that he's "the type of guy that pours the milk before the cereal".

Technically, what he did was not cheating. Ethically, it sure ruined a lot of people's days.

Elemental_Ray did not respond to a request for comment, but one tweet of his said it all: "Even Jesus had haters."


    That's great. Though I guess the worse part wouldn't be the unscrupulous killing, but missing the view of the event. Still funny though.

    The kind of person who takes both the armrests on a flight and spills over into your seat, the kind of person who puts pinnaple and ranch sauce on pizza, the kind of person who thinks burgers and fries were an american invention, the kind of person who eats your labelled food out of the employee fridge, the kind of person who doesnt clean up thier dogs shit off the sidewalk

    A monster

    Ive gotten more fun out of seeing the replies from 12 year olds on twitter and comment sections either getting way to angry over this and/or proclaiming this guy should committ suicide or that his family deserves to die.

    maybe I am too old to know what IT is anymore (and whatever IT is I find strange and confusing), but can someone legitimately tell me why people playing a game like Fortnite group up and build stuff and not, you know.... kill each other? Seems like they want to play Minecraft or some other similar game.

    They get angry cause he did what he was meant to in the game? How bizarre !!
    Though I did laugh at meme the other day and got told "that's so 2013" by a co-worker

    What a legend. That's some Wile Coyote shit!

    Okay this is actually funny!
    So they're mad because he ruined their little retarded rocket viewing by trying to win in a game where the object is to be the last one alive?
    Can we applaud this man :D
    I don't understand the appeal of this game at all...
    I get the battle royale thing. PUBG, etc pretty straight forward.
    What I gather from this is it's a battle royale game where instead of killing, people would rather chop down trees to build platforms to stand on and dance like a fucktard cos a rocket launched and broke the sky?
    I swear I must be getting old... ;)

      I swear I must be getting old... ;)

      No, you're just a twat that likes to mouth off to stuff they have no understanding of. Just grab your free hat and join the enormously long queue on the left thanks.

        By all means enlighten me.
        How does this game appeal to you. pray tell.

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