Fortnite Rescue Attempt Goes Horribly Wrong

Screenshot: Muselk, Fortnite

A Fortnite streamer pulled off an impossible rescue mission… almost.

Aussie streamer Muselk happened upon a strange scenario in his Fortnite game. He saw a golf cart on the edge of a cliff, and after killing the player trying to drive it, he looked down and saw another player trapped at the edge of the map.

He built some stairs down to try to save the player, but realised that he couldn’t build them all the way down.

Muselk then realised what was going on: The player he killed had been trying to drive the golf cart down the cliff so that the other player could use it to jump high enough to be able to build back onto the map. Muselk took it upon himself to try to drive the golf cart down to this hapless player. Things did not go as planned.

Gif: Muselk, Fortnite

Please watch the full clip below, which gets even funnier as you watch Muselk slowly realise what’s going on, and then fuck it up entirely. Better luck next time, buddy.

The greatest rescue mission in Fortnite. from FortNiteBR


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