Frozone's Wife And Kids Come To Life In This Incredibles Fan Art

A crop of fan art by artist Crystal Hill. (Photo: Deviant Art)

So far Brad Bird and Pixar have made two Incredibles movies, and both have been great. But a character that never quite gets his due is Frozone, voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. Thankfully, some fantastic new fan art puts the spotlight on him and his family.

Sure the man with the ice in his hands is funny, suave, and a big help when it comes to fighting crime. It’s just that, outside of his very protective wife, his home life remains mostly a mystery.

Enter artist Crystal Hill, who did this wonderful interpretation of what Frozone’s family may be.

Frozone Family by Crystal Hill. (Photo: Deviant Art)

If there’s an Incredibles 3, and after the success of part two it seems possible, it would be great to open things up a bit more with a new super family, would it not? And yes, Frozone’s kids would each have to have a different elemental power, just like in this image. Really, there’s no other way.

For more of Hill’s work, visit her DeviantArt page as well as her Instagram.

[Deviant Art via Shadow and Act]


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