Godzilla's Holiday Photos Are Adorable

There's nothing wrong with smashing up Tokyo a bunch of times. We get you, Godzilla. But even the King of Kaiju needs a break eventually.

The MotherOfGodzillas account on Imgur has done pretty much that, by photoshopping Godzilla into a bunch of adorable landscape photos.

Godzilla's holiday adventures aren't limited to Scotland, however. Here's the skyscraper-crushing giant enjoying a stroll in Chile's Torres del Paine National Park:

Godzilla really seems to like Switzerland:

And the big beast just loves Norway's Vøringsfossen waterfall.

Scotland's got lots of room to wander around, without any pesky buildings to run into.

And look at the delight on Godzilla's face in Canada. Perfect place for a nap. (Or maybe he's about to take a dump. I'm not quite sure here.)

The stars and skyline in France's Ardeche seems to do wonders for Godzilla's stress, too.

For more lovely photos interspersed with everyone's favourite kaiju just having a really good time, scrub through MotherofGodzillas on Imgur. You're welcome.


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