Grab Middle-earth: Shadow Of War For $20

Grab Middle-earth: Shadow Of War For $20
Image: Shadow of War

With expansions released and microtransactions banished to the ether, there’s never been a better time to play Shadow of War. Especially if it only costs $20.

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When the video game Shadow of Mordor was released in late 2014, its most marvellous trait was its Nemesis System. This superb chunk of design and programming ensured that any evil grunt that killed the player would be elevated in the game's bad guy hierarchy and would stalk the revived player, perhaps becoming the game's ultimate enemy in the process.

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We're doing a 3 hour stream of Middle-earth: Shadow Of War with Bajo tonight.

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The deal is available through EB Games here, and lasts for one day only. The bonus is that you can pick up Shadow of War for any platform: PC, PS4 or Xbox One. (PC copies, however, are download codes only.)

Regardless of platform, it’s a technically proficient game that’s gotten a lot better over the last week alone. So if you’ve been holding out on Talion’s slash-a-thon and need something to get you through July, head here.


  • Shadow of Mordor GOTY edition on PC first hit US$17 after one year, then $6 after another 9 months, and eventually $3, so I think if you have a PC, still better to wait. Source:

    • It’s really up to everyone’s own personal value proposition what is considered a good price. If someone thinks $20 is good value for a PC version of SoW, there’s no reason not to buy it today. If they still think it’s “too much” then sure, it may drop price down the line.

  • IMO, With the recent removal of the lootboxes, Which they should never have implemented in the first place, the game is well worth that price. Besides the controversy, The game was really good and I enjoyed playing it.

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