GTA Online Is Full Of Fake GTA 6 Announcements

GTA Online Is Full Of Fake GTA 6 Announcements

Many Grand Theft Auto Online players got a surprise when they started the game on July 1. Some players received a message purporting to be from Rockstar Games advertising GTA 6 was launching in 2019 and could be pre-ordered now.

Unfortunately for those excited for a new GTA, the messages are fakes likely being sent by players hacking the game.

Images via Twitter. Photo: Left (Right)

GTA Online players shared screenshots of the messages on Twitter. “GTA VI coming in 2019!” one player Tweeted excitedly. Other players received messages advertising pre-orders.

Some players believed the messages were real, which is understandable considering they popped up in-game as an official notification from Rockstar. Other players were just confused as to whether it was real or a hoax.

Many players, such as GTA Online photographer Alex Crowley, were quick to alert others that the messages were fake. Crowley was upset because these fake messages seem to be causing real problems for some players, causing sessions to crash after enough had been sent.

“Man, I’m just tired of modders all together,” Crowley messaged me after sharing a screenshot of one of the fake messages.

The messages are only appearing on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. These platforms have been modded and hacked by players for years now, and it seems these in-game notifications are just another new exploit.

I can’t find any verifiable evidence that these messages are appearing on PS4 or Xbox One, platforms that have yet to be fully cracked by GTA 5 hackers. I played some GTA Online today and didn’t receive any of these messages on PS4.

The fact that these messages are only appearing on platforms that have been modded in the past and that these messages aren’t being sent to all players seems to confirm these messages are fake and not from Rockstar Games.

Kotaku reached out to Rockstar but as of this writing has not heard back.


  • Hah, thats pretty decent for the modders at least they arent just making eveyone die by magic commands like they used to

    Fake gta sequel announcments is pretty funny and relatively harmless

    • I appreciate the fact that the link is just rockstar games website as well and not some fishy address so you know its just someone have a bit of a laugh and not trying to be malicious

  • Anybody who claims console games are more secure online are dreaming. GTA:Online on the PS3 had modders/hackers within 2 weeks of it going live.

    • That would entirely depend on if the console itself has been exploited yet.

      As stated in the article, ps3 and 360 players are affected – this is due to both consoles having been jailbroken/jtag’d/RGH’d for sometime already.

      PS4 has already been exploited, but not for current firmware so no online hacking yet.
      XBONE is still currently secure.

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