Here’s Ocarina Of Time In VR

Here’s Ocarina Of Time In VR

Need a new way to enjoy Ocarina of Time? Then why not fire it up in VR.

Developer Avaer Kazmer, the project lead behind Exokit, has found one such way. Using ROM files and Emukit, the latter of which you can use here, Kazmer has found a way to basically get Ocarina of Time going on a HTC Vive.

The actual implementation is a bit tricky, mind you. It leverages an emulator frontend called Retroarch, which has support for an N64 emulator in the backend. After some Javascript fu, Kazmer was able to get retro consoles going in VR:

After Kazmer got a Genesis emulator going, he figured: why not the N64? After a week of messing around, Kazmer got Ocarina of Time going in 90 FPS, although it’s far from bug-free.

A rundown of the process is documented over at Medium, where Kazmer notes that save states, other consoles and multiplayer are possible further directions, depending on interest. He’s since posted progress on other uses of WebXR, with a snippet of Crash running at 90 FPS:

If you’d like to take a peek at Exokit, it’s open source: head over to GitHub for everything you need.


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