Here's Rise Of The Tomb Raider For $12

Image: Xanvast

Need something to push that Xbox One X a little? Then why not grab Lara's latest adventure for $12.

As spotted by OzBargain, the 20 Year Celebration Edition of Rise of the Tomb Raider is available now through the Microsoft Store for $11.99.

Image: Microsoft Store

If you don't have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription, it's still $15.98 — a few bucks cheaper than what it'd cost to buy through the EB Games sales at the time of writing. Rise will make use of the Xbox One X's extra graphical power, as well, so it's a neat candidate for the "how good is my flashy OLED/new 4K TV" test.

For more info, head to the Microsoft Store here.


    Is this for the PC version too?

      Asking the real questions!

        This one's just for Xbox.

          Thanks for the response Alex but are you sure? The article references xbox a lot. All links seem to steer to xbox. I don't really use the MS store though so I might be making mistakes.


            You know the part where I said PC? I actually *totally* meant to say Xbox.

            It's been a long morning! Apologies for the confusion.

    i got this for ps4 in the last sale.. for $24.
    i love the new tomb raider series! highly recommend it.

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