Hollow Knight Has Sold More Than 1 Million Copies On PC

Hollow Knight Has Sold More Than 1 Million Copies On PC

While there’s been recent talk about how well the Adelaide-made Hollow Knight has done since launching smack-bang in the middle of E3, the game’s inaugural release has also hit a massive milestone.

As part of an interview for another story (which you’ll see later today), I spoke with Team Cherry about the success of their hand-drawn Metroidvania, Hollow Knight. There’s been some increased buzz around the game after Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime announced the game was selling supremely well on the Switch, which ramped up a notch after the studio confirmed that it had sold 250,000 copies within a fortnight.

That’s a great figure for any indie, especially with the context of NVIDIA revealing last year that Hollow Knight had sold 500,000 copies in the space of several months. Since then, the game has gone on to double that figure.

Hollow Knight‘s success has in large part been driven by it’s many fans on PC, with the game having now sold over 1 million copies for Windows, Mac & Linux (crossing that mark just 1 day before the Nintendo Switch launch),” Team Cherry’s Ari Gibson told Kotaku over email.

“We’ve never publicly mentioned hitting the million mark on PC, so that is another big milestone! We hit that 3 weeks ago and it kinda flew under our radar because of the madness around E3/Switch launch.”

The figure means that the little game from Adelaide has now sold more than 1.25 million copies across all platforms — and it hasn’t even launched on the PS4 or Xbox One yet. Not bad, Team Cherry, not bad at all.


  • Was actually just Googling this game for Switch last night. I have it on PC but will likely never play it as I prefer kb/m while sitting at a desk.

    Now two of the stories on Kotaku centre around Hollow Knight and the success of indies on Switch.

    Talk about being on point Alex! Next you’ll be doing an in depth look into Titan Quest failure to deliver the real deal on console so far (which sucks, because imagine how great an ARPG like TQ/TL2/D3 would be on Switch – would be a licence to print money for the last two).

    • I’ll just wait for the official Diablo 3 port to Switch that’s definitely maybe happening possibly.

    • Titan Quest on Switch piqued my interest the other night, until I remembered that where it’s at now isn’t where it was. As you said, a decent ARPG would be fine.

  • I’ll be getting it on Switch in the coming months, just want to try to stick to my “only-a-couple-games-in-the-backlog” trial before I can pick it up

  • If I’m not mistaken Team Cherry are made up 2 guys only! 1.25 Million Units, 2 guys!!! There are AAA studios that wouldn’t snuff at that! Kudos to them cause I am enjoying the crap out of Hollow Knight on my Switch!

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