How Do You Have Your Coffee?

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A rare occurrence happened this week: someone stood in line for a coffee, genuinely confused. What form of caffeine? Eventually they made up their mind, but it reminded me that it's been a while since I've asked you about your caffeine preferences.

So that's what we'll do for this week's Off Topic. It's all about coffee in its various forms. Are you a latte or capp fan? Or do you eschew milk in all its forms, even the delightfully frothy versions?

Alternatively, if you get your caffeine by another method, there's an option for that as well. Vote below! And do not shame me for my yoghurt coffee fascination. It's efficient.


    Dad joke incoming...."In a cup"

    At home it's a ristretto from a pod machine when we go out it'll depend on what meal/time of day but either a latte or short black.

      I'ma be that guy... Pods? Aren't they bad for the environment? TY, this has been a community service passive aggression.

        Probably, we send them to be recycled though via the pouch so maybe not so much?

          That's nice, I didn't know there were recycling programmes for some coffee pods - I was just reading about one in Australia - sounds good. I'm a little standoffish about recycling operations run by private enterprise because unless there's rock solid regulation they're very open to abuse. It's a good public relations exercise for Nespresso to run a recycling scheme, but much more cost effective to only say they do. Fingers crossed!

    Latte for me. Though its hit and miss depending on the places beans.
    Get my beans from a place in Mooloolaba, worth every cent to have them come all the way to Victoria. Haven't tasted a better blend yet

      Going back ~20 years, I used to need to go to Newtown in Sydney to pay my rent. Near the RE Agent was a Campese's Coffee shop that let you make your own blend. I cant remember what combo it was, but I came up with an amazing blend with Brazilian, African, and Australian (I think) beans mixed together. For $18 a kg it was a bargain.

      Gotta love when you find a good blend. Whatever you pay, its worth it.

      Are you serious? Who's the roaster in Mooloolaba?

      There are a stack of top notch bean roasters in Melbourne. Off the top of my head, Seven Seeds, ACoffee, St Ali... there's at least a dozen more on the gourmet circuit.

    For me, it really depends on either where I am, or what mood I'm in.

    My first full time job was on a construction site, where milk never made it past about 9:30 in the morning. So I got used to black coffee. My father was similar, so when I was living with him, it was just natural. That extended to work, where I drink black coffee without thinking.

    At home though, its a basic milk and two sugars. if I bother to spark up the pod machine, its either that, or a short black/ristretto/espresso. Again, depending on mood.

    If I buy from a café, its flat white almost every time. RARELY I'll get a latte or cappuccino, but I've either got to be in the mood, or someone just orders one or the other without thinking.

    We're coffee snobs around here. I'm a heathen for drinking instant...

      Interesting the construction site note. Milk and two sugars I've always heard call/thought of as the 'office worker' coffee.

      Whereas flate white is my bought kind, because, "If I'm going to pay someone to make coffee, they might as well do something with it that I can't."

        Milk and two sugars I've always heard call/thought of as the 'office worker' coffee. Oddly, I looked at black coffee being more construction worker/tradie type, mostly for the reasons I experienced. Theres never enough milk to go around, and any bought (2L a day for us) was liberated fast. So same thing, opposite side of the coin.

        Milk and 2 = office, because theres always milk, black coffee = tradie because there aint. Obviously things have moved on since the 80's and its not so straightforward, but its still a demarcation for pretty basic reasons.

        With flat whites, my thinking was that if I was buying a coffee, I wanted as much as I could get. Cappuccino's waste too much space with froth, and I never liked latte's enough to stick with em. In a pinch not a problem, but regularly, its flat whites by preference.

        It was horrible when I spent 6 weeks in the US and couldn't find a flat white anywhere...

          Interestingly, they have them now, they fuck them up (by all reports), and they occasionally try to call it something other than 'flat white' because apparently the words black and white are to be used exclusively in relation to race, over there.

            Yeah, there were a couple of Aussie run cafe's in both LA and NYC (theres a Little Straya area with a bunch of Aussie run businesses) that started selling them for expats, and its spread along each coast from there. If it isn't made by an Aussie though, its really not what you expect.

            Having said that, flat whites are different here as well, depending on where you buy them. Melbourne FW's taste different to Brisbane for example, and I'm convinced the Wollongong ones are sweeter than the rest as well. All of which is most likely because of what my tastebuds are used to.

    Intravenously. Seriously, I drink waaaaay too much coffee!

    Cappuccino for me. Have a nice little coffee machine at home and I also like to grind my own beans if/when I can be bothered. I like my coffee to have a nice nutty taste.

    I have mine without the granules and milk. Mine generally comes in a can and has some connection with colours and bovines.

    I like my coffee like my soul; black, cold and bitter. Jokes aside, it's really only recently that I've started acquiring a taste for Ice Long Black coffee. Normally I only go for the Ice Coffee drinks like Dare and Ice Break.

    Got an espresso machine at home. Latte with four shots, lots of milk, no sugar is my usual thing.

    Sometimes I have a long black instead though, because I'm an absolute lunatic.

    I don't drink coffee because coffee is disgusting swill.

    I had to choose Macchiato, seeing there was no choice for short macc, let alone short macc variants of traditional or topped up. What kind of yobbo list even is this?? :P

    Iced. With lots of ice cream and cream and sometimes with a little wafer on top.

    I have a Flat White in the morning and a Long Black in the afternoon.

    I have a cold drip that I set up during summer for everything though.

    Depends where I am. If I'm out and about I'll go for a latte with a bit of vanilla syrup if I can get it, but at home I'll either have instant or, more recently, opt for tea instead.

    Short Black or Long Black. Tends to be short at home, long when out.

    Unless it's something like an FUIC / Norco Triple Shot.

    gotta love the variety. ~30 years ago, the answers would have been either Nescafe, or International Roast, with none of these fancy variations.

    Today, the coffee culture in Australia has grown so much that theres an impressive lack of repetition on this list so far.

    Cappuccino in the morning. Long black (aeropress) in the afternoon.
    If I didn't go out for a cappuccino in the morning I'd be in the office all day.

    Green/black tea is my hot caffeinated beverage of choice.

    Don't drink it, really don't like to imbibe something that punishes you with headaches if you stop.
    It feels like an abusive boyfriend/girlfriend, it will treat you well and make you feel great as long as you pay it enough attention and do what it says :)

      Consume it akin to a friend with benefits, not an abusive partner. Don't need to over consume it, just appreciate the occasional tea or coffee and find a version that works for you.

      A cup every now and then wont create the addictive levels needed to get headaches if you stop. If someone's drinking that much, they probably have issues.

    Strong Flat white at home from fresh ground beans & espresso machine. Then onto one of my couple of haunts in Melbourne mid morning for a single origin, long black.
    I'm a proud Melb Coffee snob. : )

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