How To Make A Lot Of Money In No Man's Sky Next

Unless you’re running a ton of side missions, it can be difficult to raise funds in No Man’s Sky. If you aren’t interested in farming or running errands, you might want to consider investing in cryo-pumps. They’re easy to craft and sell for obscene prices.

The first thing I did in No Man’s Sky after the Next update released was travel all the way back to my starting planet. It turned out to be a “blissful” planet, perfectly suited for base building.

Starting up a homestead meant doing my best to get comfortable and raise money. I settled on farming but the gains were slow. I started exploring the planet for abandoned facilities to gather technology from.

Most of what I found wasn’t really useful for selling — I guess the market for hazmat gloves and semiconductors isn’t big — but one of the schematics I found turned out to be a goldmine.

They’re called cryo-pumps and sell for about two million units. You only need two items to craft them: Hot ice and thermic condensate. These materials cost only about half a million credits combined, but the pumps sell for close to two million. I was fortunate enough have a space station selling both of the crafting materials and went from about 2.5 million credits to 34 million credits.

I’m not the only one getting rich off this either; looking at YouTube and Reddit this morning shows that plenty of players are selling cryo-pumps.

The trickiest part of selling cryo-pumps is actually getting the schematic, which is a random drop. Some side missions give pumps as rewards, but not the schematic. I found mine while casually exploring an abandoned manufacturing facility. You can find more valuable items from these locations, such as a stasis device that sells for multiple millions, but the materials for crafting them are rare.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always check the value of new schematics that you find while exploring. There might even be something better to sell than cryo-pumps. If you can’t wait to buy that new Class-A starship, you might want to dig around until you can sell your own pumps.


    Hasn't this already been patched out? I was doing this before the 1.5.1 patch dropped and immediately afterwards I noticed that none of the ships where selling hot ice or thermic condensate any more.

    Setting up a farm to make and sell Stasis Units is probably the most profitable venture I've found in NMS. Cryopumps are only an intermediary step towards this, but the final unit sells for about 18mil per iirc, and with base size no longer a factor you can set up a farm pretty readily. May have changed in the update, but I don't see much beating that if not.

    I still prefer finding a nice planet full of relics or orbs or juicy goodies and running from the law whilst you frantically pick them up.

      Hahah this is me to a T!
      I found a planet with gravitino balls all over it and spent a couple hours collecting and running. Then at some point my wanted level stayed at 5 and the sentinels stopped coming, it allowed me to collect balls all alone. All of the moneys were made

    Am currently trying a Prema Death run. On my third try right now. But when it comes to the Relics you find, that's not what sells. It's the crystals you get with them that make the big bucks after you process them.

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