In Japan, 7-Eleven Was Going To Serve Beer

In Japan, 7-Eleven Was Going To Serve Beer

Not just sell it, but have a Kirin beer dispensing machine in store for perfect foamy pours. Think a Slurpee machine, but for beer.

As Yahoo! News Japan and PDR-san report, 7-Elevens in Japan were supposed to have beer machines as a test rollout at several branches. A small cup of beer would cost 100 yen ($US.89 ($1)) and a medium 190 yen ($US1.69 ($2)).

Of course, you could always buy canned beer, but these machines were supposed to give people frothy brews at rather cheap prices.

But 7-Eleven announced today that it won’t be serving beer. But why? The country doesn’t have open container laws and while it’s rather gauche in Japan, you can legally drink on the street.

According to Yahoo! News Japan, 7-Eleven said the demand and interest have been exceedingly high, so it decided to suspense the rollout due to sales structure. 7-Eleven Japan said whether or not it will resume the rollout is TBA.

As PDR-san points out, however, the self-service coffee machines in Japanese convenience stores are already too complicated for some customers, so adding alcohol into the mix, and it could cause all sorts of problems for stores and employees. That is speculation, but it seems like a more likely reason.


  • They thought about it then didn’t do it and this was news-worthy?

    They sell alcohol from vending machines on the street. Probably the real issue here is that an open cup would need to be consumed at or just outside the store and they don’t want drunk people loitering outside the store.

    • Guessing you haven’t been to Japan? Every 711 have a few white guys sinking brews out the front haha.

      But seriously, you can drink anywhere in Japan and as long as you aren’t rowdy or it’s after about 8pm no one would look twice.

        • In fairness it’s been about 10 years since I lived there and the NOVA schools closing may very well changed things but a couple teachers sharing a beer out front 711 was a common sight back then.

          I was exaggerating a fair bit in my first post though. Headed back for a holiday in September, can’t wait.

          • I mean, it’s entirely possible that every 711 you went to had someone outside drinking just after you exited, if you know what I mean… 😛

  • I’m more surprised by the visible tattoo of a cashier. Surely this is the real story… Or is it a stand-in

  • I’ve used one of the beer pouring machines in a lounge at Narita Airport years ago. If the 7-Eleven machines are anything like that, then they cheat: one nozzle dispenses the beer (the machine I used automatically tilted the glass for this part), and then a second nozzle deposits a measured amount of beer foam on the top at the end.

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