Japan's Getting Some Cool New 2DS XL Designs

Nintendo is bringing three new 2DS XL designs to Japan over the next month, with Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and Minecraft handhelds due to be released.

First up, Animal Crossing, which is out on July 19 (this one is also headed to Europe and Australia):

Also out on July 19 is this Mario Kart design, which is a variation on the black & blue model released in the West last year:

Then on August 2 comes the Minecraft 2DS XL:

More embossed designs, please!


    Worst redesign ever. They needed to get the hinge into the rectangle shape, not racked onto the back. I’d get so many of these 2ds systems if they had it. Haven’t used 3D in 5 years.

    I feel like releasing an AC console, with a built-in 6 year old AC game is a bit of a troll for all the AC fans hanging out for a new title on the switch.

    I wouldn't mind that Minecraft one though, just to sit it with my Minecraft Xbox.

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