K-Pop Star Unfairly Accused Of Photoshop

Singer and actress Narsha was recently accused of Photoshopping several Instagram photos, because how the telephone pole looked in the background.

Below are the photos in question. The telephone on the left is bent, and the implication is that the photo has been edited to change her appearance. Some photo processing tools, such as ones that make faces smaller or bodies longer, inadvertently alter the background.


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As Koreaboo reports, SBS television program Night of TV Entertainment had an expert examine the photo.

"If the photo was edited, the horizontal and vertical lines should have moved together. The windowsill or the lines along the wall should have been bent as well. The eaves too. But they're not bent at all," the expert said (via Koreaboo).

Then, there's the fact that the actual telephone pole is curved.

Narsha took the accusations in good stride, saying that meant the photo was pretty.


    Fuck above ground lines of any kind are ugly.

      Yeah, someone should photoshop that shit...

    I don't know about you but afaik to make yourself slimmer the pole should have curved the other way. If it curves out means it is making her fatter.

      Not sure why you were downvoted. You are correct, if the image was photoshopped, but the phonepole's base moved away from the subject, that would mean the subject was expanded, not shrunk.

        I wish I know why I get downvoted too. The guy must be real good at Photoshop to think otherwise.

        >that would mean the subject was expanded, not shrunk.

        Look at the area of her body that's on the same level as the pole.

          You mean her shoulder and fingers? Not sure those need any expanding.

      She was trying to hide the fact that her right hand is really tiny.

    I think the disturbing part of the image is the giant amount of pubes coming out of her shorts.

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