Konami Updates Metal Gear Solid 5: TPP, Makes Quiet Playable On FOBs

Screenshot: Konami

In July 2017, Konami updated Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, making Ocelot playable. Now a year later, the game has been updated once again. This time, Quiet is playable.

It isn’t not possible to change the character’s outfit, and the character has no other head options.

Screenshot: Konami
Screenshot: Konami

The update also brings new items, such as sniper rifles, dark matter generators and energy walls. Moreover, Event FOBs now have a Hard difficulty setting.

I wonder what July 2019 will bring!


    Does anyone even play FOB's anymore? they were more an annoyance than a feature. I just stuck to SP.

      Nope. In my opinion, they were a tedious as fuck afterthought in an otherwise stellar game.

        Yeah. Once I found out half of my resources go to it and they can be stolen by other players I just downloaded a trainer that gave me max resources.

      They definitely do on PS4. I loaded it up about six months ago to have another crack at finishing the second campaign (and to show my GF the adorableness of D-Dog), and was surprised at how active the FOB ladder is. It's not all noobstomping, either, to my surprise... but you can definitely come up against some basically impenetrable defenses still.

    Wake me when they patch in the rest of the game's story.

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