Look At This Glorious Box Art

This is what WWE 2K19's collector’s edition looks like. Hang it in the Louvre.

There’s a bunch of shit that comes inside that box, but since that junk includes a Funko Pop Vinyl, I am going to pretend none of it exists, and we live in a world where I can judge a game by its cover, and in which that game is as beautiful and noble as its art suggests.

Here’s the best shot I could find of the back, which continues the excellence (except for the Funko figure even managing to ruin this small pleasure).


    are they even gonna try and make it different this time? Or is it just gonna be the equivalent of spray painting '19' over the '2K18'

    The ESPN 30 for 30 doco "Nature Boy" is compulsive viewing for anyone with a passing interest in wrestling and Ric Flair specifically. Seeing him go from top of the world to tragic figure is heart breaking.
    One of the best doco's they've produced.

    Trailer for said WOOO edition is also glorious


    I'll burn my money on other useless plastic instead of this but for those of you going all in all I can say is WOOOOO!

      I haven't bought a physical copy of a game in a while (mostly just 3ds and a few old catchup WiiU titles in the lasy year or so) - but I had to preorder this last night.

      I too don't care much for POP vinyls (got some decent ones 8 or so years ago, way too generic now) - but the Hall Of Fame ring, piece of Ric Flair's robe, piece of Hall Of Fame mat - as well as that glorious box - won me over.

      I'll end up buying a digi copy on sale at some stage (got 2k15,16,17,18 digi) - but the season pass and other DLCs are at least included.

      I just really hope the Career/Create A Wrestler customisations aren't microtransactioned to hell like 2k18's were.

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