Lovecraftian Adventure Game Conarium Is 50% Off On GOG

It's not unusual for PC games to launch with a small discount, say 10 or 15 per cent at most. "Screw that!" said the developers of the Mountains of Madness-inspired Conarium, "let's slash the price by 50 per cent and see what happens!" Well, you get a write-up from me on this website, that's what.

Conarium sticks your character, Frank Gilman, inside an Antarctic base overflowing with all things terrifying and promises an "immersive storytelling and gaming experience". Having not played it, I can't say if it delivers, but it seems to be the general vibe going from the launch video and screenshots.

The game's been up on Steam since June 7, with reviews putting it a 87 per cent. The normal price is $US19.99 ($26.90) However, until July 13, you can get it from GOG for $10.99 to celebrate its recent release there.

Yes, that's $11 Australian, which makes it more than a 50 per cent discount compared to a Steam purchase.

Image: Zoetrope Interactive

There's only two user reviews on GOG, with a 2/5 one stating the controls are naff, so make of that what you will.

With Grotesque Idols And Horrors Unmentionable, Conarium Is As Lovecraft As It Gets

You can't have enough Lovecraft. Except, perhaps, right before bed. Or during a meal. And never in the dark behind your house where the mice people live and want to turn your eyebrows into a shrine.

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Conarium [GOG]


    Never heard of this, looks great, wish the much-more promoted Cthulhu would come out already.

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