McDonald's Japan Gets In Trouble For Using Fake Roast Beef

Last August, McDonald’s Japan rolled out a “Tokyo Roast Beef Burger”. The ads featured what looked like real slices of roast beef.

That wasn’t necessarily true of the actual burgers. Ditto for the Tokyo Roast Beef Muffin that was sold during the same period.

According to Asahi, Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency recently said that McDonald’s broke the law, misrepresenting its products and misleading customers. It warned the fast-food giant, telling McDonald’s to take steps to prevent this from happening again.

This has made the national TV news in Japan.

The commercials showed roast beef being sliced (above), but only half the slices were actually roast beef. So, this appears to be roast beef:

The rest were “processed and reformed meat”. Like so:

McDonald’s is quoted as saying that it used processed meat to increase production. So why not call it the Tokyo Processed And Reformed Meat Burger? Yum!


    I mean I'm not saying all Maccas burgers look appealing, but that legit looks like shit in the last picture. Like total shit. *smh* Now I know what they mean when they our burgers like the Grand Angus are supposedly some of the best in design and flavour.

    This is surprising, because McDonald's in Japan is normally amazing

      Their nugget dipping sauce and grape sodas are great everything else is kinda the same.
      The teriyaki burger I found to be overly sweet.
      The burgers did seem to have a better structure to them rather than being the jumbled mess you can often get here.

    Tongue, corned silverside, pressed meats?

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