McDonald's Staff Share Their Top 5 Ordering Tips For Customers

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McDonald's employees know their food inside and out - including products they personally avoid like the plague. They are also trained to help every type of customer reach a purchasing decision. Here are five of their best ordering tips - for frugal, fussy and indecisive eaters.

Four McDonald's Products That Kitchen Staff Say They'd Never Eat

McDonald's employees know more about the company's food than anyone. After all, they spend all day cooking, handling and serving the stuff. They subsequently have a pretty good idea of which menu items are great and which are best avoided. Here are four McDonald's products that they are happy to serve you - but would never eat themselves.

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The following tips were collected by our friends at Business Insider who spoke with several current and former McDonald's staff. They range from burger hacks that will save you money to the best ways to score a fresher menu item.

#1 Order a 'budget' version of your favourite burger

This one's a no-brainer. Instead of paying top-wack for a Big Mac (which currently sell for well over $6 in Australia), simply order a McDouble with some minor alterations:

If you want a Big Mac and are low on money, get a McDouble and get Big Mac sauce instead of ketchup. It's much cheaper. All you're missing is the weird piece of bread in the middle.

This penny-pinching hack also applies to most other menu items:

We can customise almost everything, so, if you want some sort of hybrid burger or salad, just ask.

In Australia, you can make a lot of these alterations yourself via the touch screen menus equipped in most stores. Hurrah!

#2 Call ahead for large orders

Ordering far too many cheeseburgers and/or chicken nuggets at the end of a pub crawl is an Australian rite of passage. Unfortunately, you can end up waiting for a very long time if you're with a large group of people. As one Macca's employee explains:

If you're going to order 100 nuggets, call ahead. Nuggets have an eight minute cook time.

We also suggest ordering through the MyMacca's app - which comes with the added bonus of daily discounts.

#3 How to get hot fries

According to urban legend, the best way to score fresh, piping-hot fries is to ask for no salt. (The rationale being that they will need to fry up a new batch as the existing fries have already been salted.)

According to one McDonald's fry jockey, you're better off just asking directly:

There's a 90% chance that you read some 'life hack' on Reddit that says to get fresh fries just ask for no salt. Do you realise you can just ASK us for 'fresh,' and we're more likely to give them to you, right?

Incidentally, the "no salt" trick is a massive pain for the fry person, especially if you're planning to add your own salt anyway. This may lead to petty retribution. As one worker explains:

The fry person will need to wipe down the station, the fry scoop, and clear the area to keep salt from contaminating the new batch. The fry person might not even fill up your container as full due to this fuss. And if any fries fall out of the bag/container, they won't put more in because the rest of the fries may have already been salted.

#4 Come in with a plan

Holding up the line due to indecisiveness can swiftly lead to chaos. During busy periods, it's imperative to keep the line moving as quickly as possible.

Know what you want to order. Customers who come in prepared make things easier for crew members.

Another employee adds the following for drive-thru customers:

Have your money ready. Don't drive up and then start digging around for money. Have it in your hand when you get to the window.

#5 Cheat with coupons

If you have a McDonald's coupon or voucher code that recently expired, you should still take a punt. As one worker explained:

Coupon expiration dates don't matter. No one checks. Managers don't care when we do. Use it.

Bonus Tip: Don't be a dick

Really. This one should go without saying.

If we tell you we don’t have something or no longer carry it, don’t get mad at us. We only work here. Write to corporate and complain.

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    Don't be a dick - it sucks that this has to be a thing.

    Just look at how many people were massive dicks when their plastic bags were removed.

      It translates to pretty much everything. Getting real tired of the real life "I would like to speak to your manager" trope with matching hair cut.

        I loved when people said this to me, mainly because my manger was a dickhead and any chance to make his day harder without being directly responsible was awesome, I know it's petty but he deserved it.

        While I don't work in hospitality, that doesn't bother me when it happens.

    Really sick of these autoplay ads stopping my music.
    Fix this Kotaku.

      They won't. They couldn't give two shits. Honestly ready to stop coming here because of it.

        Ad blocker.

          Yeah I have whitelisted kotaku since forever but it's ridiculous lately and I'm gonna turn it off. Just mutes my music every page.

          Yeah, I tried to tolerate the ads so they get some revenue out of me, but this is just obnoxious now.

          Adblocker doesn't work on mobile mate. Not without downloading a dedicated browser for it.

            Yeah it does mate.
            Or else how does "adblock plus for samsung browser" work for me?
            Its an extension for the default samsing browser

              So what you're saying is we need to buy Samsung phones? Cool.

              I didn't say it didn't work at all. I said you had to download another browser. For those of us that don't use Samsung phones.

                No you said ad blocker doesn't work on mobile. Which is wrong.
                Adblocker doesn't work on mobile mate. Not without downloading a dedicated browser for it.
                You did say it did say it didn't work, your original commemt is still there.
                Get over yourself.
                Wah wah can't be wrong.

      ublock origin ad blocker lets you use the eyedropper to block elements. The videos are definitely blockable.

      It's like they're trying to discourage us from visiting the site.

    The guy that served me yesterday told me to avoid using the touchscreens, even when they're working properly (which at my local Maccas is effectively never).

      The touchscreens are no dirtier than anything else you touch in a communal area.

      Using the touch screens places your order in the same queue as other counter orders. When the counter is full, you're better off using them.

      Yeah, if you order a certain burger then remove all the elements, it still costs you about 20c. So you can pay 20c and get nothing. Rip off.

    Do you realise you can just ASK us for 'fresh,' and we're more likely to give them to you, right?

    Tried that, one time they said sure and literally just grabbed them off the normal pile and the other time I was told "We don't do that, sorry". Not that I care, its just a pain to take them back when they give me the cold fries that were sitting with the rest in the ridiculous pre-made pile (nothing wrong with that in peak time, but when its not peak time, just leave them in the pit).

    Normally I would not care less but they seem to charge more and more each year, it was fine when it was like 2 bucks something, but when almost reaches 3.50 in some stores, cold fries is ridiculous.

      Agree 100%. I may as well take m kids for a sit down meal at the local tavern for the current price of Maccas. Couple in the fact the 15 year old doesn’t give two shits that what they are serving is your dinner and fast food is no longer worth it.

    If you're going to order 100 nuggets, call ahead. Nuggets have an eight minute cook time.

    Look, I haven't worked at a McDonalds for almost two years now, but when did McNuggets get an 8-minute cook time? It was close to 3-minutes from what I remember and if you left them in the oil much past that they'd become inedible.

    Edit: Not to mention they came it batches of 24, so for 100 McNuggets, providing it's not busy period, you'd only wait around three minutes as all 100 can be cooked at the same time.

    Last edited 19/07/18 9:45 pm

    I would hope McDonalds workers don't resort to "petty retribution" just because someone wants fries without salt. A few years ago, I would often go to Hungry Jacks and ask for fries without salt because THEY PUT TOO MUCH SALT ON THEM! I just got so sick of asking for less salt each time and still getting a bucket load of salt that I just ended up saying "no salt please". The manager of that store was really good about it, and as soon as I came through the door he would organise a new batch of fries and gave me the first packet before adding the salt. I didn't mind waiting a few minutes.

      We are talking mainly about kids serving food. So my guess is yes, likelihood of retribution is high.

        I mean, you can see what they are doing, it's right behind the counter.

    What's the trick to not have them screw up your order every time? My wife went with the kids the other day and not only did they forget the fries with one of the meals...they also completely left a kids meal off the order. Two screw ups in one order and that was getting off easy compared to the normal service.

    Not to mention the always cold fries and meat. If "fast food" means "cold food" then drop the "fast" and take the time to serve people properly.

      Go to a different Maccas. They can vary massively in quality depending on the franchise owner and the staff.

        I'm well aware of's not like I've only been to one Maccas in my life. They're all very consistent on cold meat and cold fries though....unless you luck out and get fresh fries.

          Sounds like you're surrounded by terrible ones then, because that shouldn't be happening.

          If you feel strongly that you're constantly getting cold food from them (especially nowadays when burgers are made to order) you could put in a complaint. The company takes that pretty seriously.

            Its not just maccas, hungry jacks and KFC are the same too. The meat is slightly warm so you can tell it was heated at some point but that's it.

            The odd few times I've had an actual hot meal has been great.

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